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Fasting is a Matter of Perspective

Apr 23rd 2015 at 2:25 AM

Fasting is a matter of perspective. It sounds a little far-fetched, but as every Yom Kippur fasting voluntarily from the age of nine, I believe I can make a serum masochist, then let's look at Pink glasses. First, this is a good time to cleanse the body of toxins, as fast as the knife of nature. Fasting go all the toxins that the body has gained through the various systems, digestive system, urinary tract, skin, and respiratory tract. If you asked yourself what is the cause of headaches, dizziness, nausea, night sweats, it is usually as a result of the reaction of the body to cleanse and hungry. Fasting allows us a respite from the intense food Casanova, quiet body and mind and free up time for soul-searching. Perhaps most important, it's an opportunity to embark on a new path, having made Necessary (reboot) body and is clean and ready to receive, you can figure a new way to examine the lifestyle and the nature of the diet, and to instill healthy habits and better food. After understanding it is recommended to fast on time, let's make fasting easier.

Before Yom Kippur, it is recommended to drink plenty of water, at least two liters per day and increase drinking water as the approaching fast. Especially those who are in thirst during fasting and those who are not aware of the feeling of thirst in a procedure. Recommended gradually reducing Caffeine consumption, coffee, cocoa, tea, and Cola. On the day of fasting should avoid foods and sweet drinks increase hunger. We recommend small and nutritious meals throughout the day. It is important not to skip meals or large meals with one of our meal. You should avoid spicy food too much and should reduce the use of salt and spices alcoholic causes a feeling of thirst. We recommend to fill glycogen stores, which is the main form in which carbohydrates are stored in the body by consuming carbohydrates that we will also in the future.

As for our meal, we recommend that you include, complex carbohydrates, protein and fat restriction, except from plants and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates, sweet potato, brown rice, whole meal pasta, buckwheat, oats, millet, quinoa, fully spelt. Complex carbohydrate digestion is slow and contributes to feeling full for a long time. In addition, the complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and thus raise blood sugar slowly and provide moderately energy over time. Proteins, bowed, while Greece discharge their waste products in the body are excreted in the urine and causes the body to lose fluids, you may want to limit your consumption, preferred a non-salty cheese, chicken over beef-it has more talented salt, baked or cooked or smoked or marinated.

Healthy fats, hummus, tahini, ground flax seed, olive oil, nuts and seeds. The calorific value is high, they slow down gastric movements and thus contribute to feeling full for a long time. Vegetables: vegetables are important for increasing the amount of fiber in the intestine that slow the absorption of carbohydrates and help stabilize blood sugar and thus feeling full for a long time. We recommend the chronic foods, such as broccoli, cabbage and legumes, and other non-normal, creating swelling and flatulence. Cruise Control Diet Review Facebook Page

We recommend eating your meal, leisurely chew before you swallow, but not to be filled in order to avoid the sense of heaviness, pressure and fatigue at the end of the meal. Herbal tea is recommended to finish, Chamomile, lemon grass, mint, fennel seeds. And if you feel something for dessert, fruit, cake or a cookie preference not especially sweet. You should avoid too much sweet, sweet, and sweet and so the next open the fasting with the passions are unnecessary. I recommend to plan your meal time so that your stay half an hour before the start of the fasting to drink several glasses of water.

During the fast, avoid strenuous physical activity and concentrate on mental activity. In the find fast, you may want to increase the volume of the liquid gradually and drink a glass of water every half hour. Recommend breaking the fasting with herbal tea and a slice of cake or a sweet slice of bread with mayonnaise or honey. The heavy meal than eat after 1½ hours, in order not to arrive at a situation where you feel worse than you felt before. It is a good idea to open your lunch consommé and moderate eating of carbohydrates for energy supply. Fast easy and inscribed

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