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Fastest way to treat wrinkles and hide wrinkles neck

May 15th 2014 at 12:03 AM

If the wrinkles severe are reform using skin tightening and this should know that the neck and the last third of the cheek is considered a single unit, and this process is similar to a face-lift as we pulled neck skin and muscle expressive through a hole in front of the ear damage to the back of the ear like a character [U] and move with a character hair or hair inside, and then begin to remove the increase and improve wound here after a year later disappears completely.  Length of the wound Liposuction only is the length of the wound 2 mm and when surgery rounded craftsman muscle together becomes a length of 2 cm or 3 cm. Did the surgeon the process of cosmetic to hide the wound? No, in place hidden at the confluence of the chin with the neck to the side we well.  Get rid of cellulite

What about Botox injection? Botox is a toxic substance weaken your muscles so we took a dose of very few muscle spasm or short like muscles Front-offs and Crafts front of the neck or muscle expressive of the neck, but its effect disappears after three or six months, we re-injected again because this injection temporarily where we extend the muscles tense as it should be the proportion of sag a few.  Material Botox toxic does it have any side effects? Yeah, so You must specialist doctor is aware of the size of the dose and the places allocated to them and also be familiar with the places of nerves because if injected in the wrong area conjoin to a weakening of the muscles in this region, for example, if injected above the brow wrong could fall eyebrow in the injection neck must be very careful Because of the presence of the trachea.

What is the success rate of surgery remove wrinkles? These surgeries to remove huge and not wrinkled meaning an increase in the skin only, but fine wrinkles do not remove because it is a defect in the skin itself.  Duration of surgery Surgery, of course, a long and generally not less than 5-6 Hours processes of tightening the neck of the most difficult surgeries technically.  What are the common mistakes in cosmetic surgery? there are some errors in surgery generally is assumed not to occur such as a hematoma or infections and this should be a surgeon familiar with the important nerves expressive and nerves of the lower lip because the nerve seventh lip exists In a letter jaw, and also of the errors is a slight difference between the partial neck.

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