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Fast facts about multiple sclerosis treatment

Jul 24th 2015 at 4:03 AM

Multiple sclerosis or MS is a less understood disease leading to some misconceptions. The disease attacks central nervous system causing many physical and neurological symptoms to appear. These symptoms may frighten and debilitate the patients.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure, but enough progression has been made in multiple sclerosis treatment. Let’s get more details about the disease and its treatment:

MS is a chronic disease that requires you to take medication for a long time. Before you consult your doctor, you should be ready with the list of questions and take note about the responses. For each drug option, you should ask about the effectiveness. Rest of the information like how it is administered and potential side-effects are generally provided by the doctors without asking. In addition, doctor should also ensure that you remain comfortable during the therapy.

The exact mechanism that causes progression of this disease is believed to be related to the immune system. This means body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells instead of viruses, bacteria or other foreign bodies. In patients with MS, immune system attacks and scars the myelin sheath. This is a protective sheath that covers nerve axons, safeguards them, and also helps them sustain nervous function.

With the progression of disease, immune system attacks the sheath and interrupts nerve function. Distinct nerves are affected and there may be a time when myelin sheath is destroyed completely. Challenge is posed by the problems inherent in diagnosing this disease. Because of its degenerative nature, it is important to recognize and begin the treatment. However, it is not always possible in the case of MS. In some patients, symptoms appear with a sudden attack, whereas some develop symptoms gradually over time.

There is no simple diagnostic measure to confirm MS. Not any blood test can reveal about the diseased condition. Patient interview and neurological exam including spinal tap, MRI or other diagnostic procedures can help determine if someone has multiple sclerosis. This is when the treatment begins.

During the early disease development stage, damage to brain and spinal cord happens. This is even before any symptoms appear. Therefore, patient suffers significant damage till the illness is confirmed. Multiple sclerosis treatment should be started as soon as possible to limit the extent of damage done.

Physical disability can take place if the treatment doesn’t start early. However, timely treatment can slow the progression of this disability. Healthcare experts may also suggest intramuscular injection for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis in addition to other therapeutic medications.

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