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Explaining 20/20 Vision - Vision Without Glasses

Jun 25th 2012 at 1:38 AM

"Vision, there! 20/20 ".

If the people in this way: "We heard many people brag about the perfect vision may be the most common vision statement about?

20/20 vision is not great, that term actually mean? Indeed, the vision of the perfect right?

And what about blindness? If someone "I'm not blind!" How many times I heard .... Just before they get behind the wheel! They are clear of absolutely is not blind! They just mean it can not see without his glasses.

20/20 vision

20/20 vision of departure, there is really an interesting topic. Ophthalmologists examine the original lanes were 20 feet. Doctors and their patients with vision test, eye chart patient was 20 meters. They are the lowest line chart without Vision Without Glasses info if they were within the normal of the letters, ie 20/20 are shown. 20 meters of the top of the table was always sick and always, always, that number is 20.

When a person blurred vision, can only be a string. Therefore, the Vision 20/30 to talk about it, the patient's chart 20 feet away, sitting, meaning that only chart "normal" vision 30 meters from the person can have! 20/400 (eye chart on the "Great"), ie, the patient in Figure 20 meters, 400 meters of a person with good vision were the letters the same size!

Legal blindness is defined as

When eye doctors discuss blindness, we always see the patient, with glasses and their contact lenses, what it means "best corrected vision" refers to! Blind can be described also wear corrective lenses if they meet the criteria of blindness, the patients are not blind really.

20/20 right "perfect"?

20/20, usually to correct vision, but it really is not perfect vision. If all the conditions of "normal" person of 10 or 8 feet, eyes, indeed, (that is, the patient can see letters 20 feet, 20/10 or 20/8 has the opportunity to see, respectively).

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