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Dec 7th 2015 at 10:33 PM

Today I was invited to a show. Homork? Excesses.
Beyond the Holidays overeating, excessive alcohol, excessive communication ... there is excess motion.
For a sedentary who dream of an athletic body, more is better. It is an illusion.
When you do sport, good is just that it allows your current condition. The level of fitness. Energy. Time. Joints. Ability to concentrate.

How do you plan realistic?

First, a realistic plan is very hard to do on your own, as a beginner. You will need to turn to a person skilled in the art and experience.
There are people who have succeeded, but after months of documentation on their own and other months of experimentation.

What should you avoid?


Overtraining is a state of the body when no longer recovers between two workouts. You ask of him more than it can give. Overtraining is related both to energy reserves (carbohydrates, fats) and those nerve (neurotransmitters) and hormones (hormones).
The symptoms of overtraining: the lack of progress, chronic fatigue, insomnia, increased pulse, muscle / joint pain, migraines, infections / colds frequent and lasting longer than usual, nervousness, depression.
In general comes from an imbalance between the three basic elements of a program: training, nutrition and rest.
A good nutrition can compensate for lack of proper training or lack of Rest up to a point. After that ... better, not talk.

Too much exercise

Programs classical training includes many exercises; they inspired programs bodybuilders’ performance (genetic and generally doped) or various other sports where you use your workouts with weights.
In fact, for someone who just wants to look good and fight the effects of sedentary enough two exercises for a big group (legs, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders) and 1 exercise for small groups (calves, triceps, biceps, forearm).
The choice of exercise should be done according to the individual's characteristics (biomechanics, mobility, strength) and objectives. Safety must be the first priority. A less effective exercise can slow your progress. An effective exercise but dangerous ... can keep you away from the gym for months or even forever.
Only after this first set of exercises, you can think its limits in a change or extension number.

Too many series

Beyond the series 2-3 heating sufficient exercise a 1-3 series to trigger the body's adaptation that leads to muscle growth. There are training methods where one series per exercise is enough.

Weights too high

When you exercise, visualize the muscles working and trying to work only those areas without cheat. Even if you work hardships are ridiculous at first, important is the result, not the competition more or less tacitly colleges room.
Trying to work with weights too much can sacrifice the embodiment; besides the lack of progress and risking injury.
Adapt weights every workout, do not try to beat your own records if you had a difficult period at the job or were you last night at a bachelor party.

Too many workouts per week

For a sedentary intense intellectual, who train in the evening, even the classic "three workouts per week" may be too much. Rate the right opportunities and go to the gym when you can eat and you can rest enough.

In the fable of the hare and fitness turtle has a strong significance. Small but sure steps will get you where you want.

You can increase while the number of exercises, number, weights ... but starts at the minimum possible and give your body time to adapt. Do not do giji it's too little. You get the positive effects that the stimulus will be enough.
Even after a few months of rest, it would be wise to start from scratch. The few weeks of rehabilitation will make all the money in the end.

To check my level of knowledge as to butterflies and I paperwork in front of others, I got an international certificate in personal training. This certificate allows me to work formally with very demanding customers (expats) who know what a personal trainer.

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