Every day should walk across at least ten thousand steps

Nov 2nd 2013 at 3:52 AM

However, thanks to today's lifestyle when we drive more cars, other vehicles and lifts, this figure seems really unattainable, given that we are getting busier and have less free time - it seems like when you do not have to devote to walking ... However, it is possible and without special separation time for exercise.

It may seem incredible, but with all you have to do, you still have more than enough time for the 10 000 steps that promote health and weight loss. These are seven ways to do it: Get a pedometer. You can try to count your steps, but it really does not make sense, does it? You will lose it, and before you get to the table. Put a pedometer on themselves and start to move . You become more aware of their own actions (not you interested in how far steps a day make?).

Or better still get them for the whole family (fortunately not expensive) and turn it into a game - the winner is the one that most period! Track your progress. If the figure at less than 2,000 pedometer steps and it's already almost noon - you know it you need to put more effort into the rest of the day. Again, look at the pedometer when you get home after work (and grocery shopping). If you're still not over the 7000 - to run. Think about what else you need to do ... Maybe you need to take the dog for a walk (and let it be a little longer), or take a walk around the block with the child. walk with children to school.

If you have small children and you're lucky enough that you can walk to school - then do not have kids to drive them on foot to escort school. It's an easy way to "bulk up" the number of pedometer, but also to save on gasoline. Visit colleague. If you're at work, get up and go to colleagues instead of calling him, sending him mail or message on Skype or other messenger. Forget the elevator. Climb the stairs instead of the elevator. Too high? Scroll to the half, and continue to work on foot or go to the elevator, and after returning home down the walk down the stairs. further park. You do not have to solve the car to be more varied. get more details

Leave your car in the parking lot, which is located five to ten minutes walking distance from the office. If you are driving to public transport - exit a few stops earlier and to stretch his legs. browse in more. If you're in the store, walk up and down the aisles as much as you can, even if you know where the product you are looking for. Do something more for their health (and line) and make sure you walk across at least 10,000 steps a day. Besides you will feel better and look better - so you can prevent and treat diseases of the heart and circulatory system, osteoporosis and osteopenia. It can even help improve your mood - depression and other behavioral disorders can be reduced movement .

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