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Epidemic takes self-harm

May 21st 2014 at 9:28 PM

Dimensions 'epidemic' tends to get the effect of deliberate self-harm among young people, which sometimes can be fatal ...

Child psychiatrists are sounding the alarm, as, according to scientific studies, 13% of young people facing a self-inflicted problem. "Behind the phenomenon of self-harm youth hiding emotional pain and intense discomfort caused by stress and problems of modern life," says child psychiatrist Mr Mersyni ARMENAKI, on the occasion of Day of Awareness for self-harm.

What is self-harm

This is an act, where - as experts say the new-deliberately causes abrasions on his hands, consuming toxic substances or objects used with intent to cause harm to himself. These young people often prefer cuts or burns and then follow aftodilitiriaseis, dents, attempted drowning, electric shock or asphyxiation.


The risks of self-harm as obvious as the large amount of blood loss and the possibility of infection. But there are hidden emotional hazards like to become a habit and addiction among young people is at risk of losing their lives.

The signs you should not ignore

Parents should begin to suspect the problem when:

Observe strange burns with the cigarette lighter and cuts on wrists, arms, legs or abdomen which gives bizarre excuses
Insists on wearing long sleeved clothes even in hot weather
He hits himself or his head
It punches objects or purposely falls into walls or hard objects
It sticks to the skin of objects
Prevents deliberately wound healing
Swallowing poisonous substances or inappropriate objects
Is the personal space sharp objects like razors, knives, needles, pieces of glass, bottle cap
Displays krypsinoia and insists remains alone
Drinking Alcohol
Why young people resort to self-harm?

Epidemic takes self-harm
"Young people who resort to self-harm trying unsuccessfully to deal with feelings of sadness, guilt feelings of emptiness and rage," adds psychiatrist n ARMENAKI and supplements. "Unfortunately, the relief you seek persistence. It is like putting a bandage and need stitches. The internal injuries and problems are not overcome and also caused new. Young people who engage in such acts trying to keep hidden. Ashamed to show or they think no one will understand them. The secrecy and guilt affect their relationships with family and friends so that they feel more alone, more trapped and unworthy. " When parents notice any of the above signs should seek help early child psychiatrist in order to address the problem.
The situation in Greece

All over the world the phenomenon of great concern to the scientific community. In Greece there are no specific references although it is a phenomenon that occurs more and more often to child psychiatrists in private and public contexts. In developed countries made interventions and programs for decades for prevention of suicide among adolescents and young adults. In Greek reality we are still at the level of observation of the phenomenon although reports of increases of all cases of affective disorders is rising rapidly.


The reasons often cited for the existence of the problem:

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