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Emotional Yoga in October: Overworked and Overwhelmed?

Oct 6th 2010 at 11:39 AM

Emotional Yoga in October: Overworked and Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling like you have way too much on your plate?  Is work taking over your life?  Maybe you’ve been putting in 12-hour days or maybe you feel pulled in a hundred different directions by all of life’s demands.  In today’s fast-paced environment, it is nearly impossible not to experience some degree of stress and pressure, a feeling that you are carrying “the weight of the world on your shoulders.”  So what can you do?  Try Emotional Yoga.

Emotional Yoga combines yoga with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Yoga excavates stored emotions in your body and EFT balances the body’s energy system by tapping on energetic meridian points so that negative emotions dissipate.  By combining yoga and EFT, Emotional Yoga can alleviate stored stress and negative emotions so that unnecessary internal pressure is released.  You’ll find that after practicing these techniques, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the demands of your life.  The two-step process below will show you how to combine yoga and EFT in an effective sequence for identifying and releasing stress. 

 Emotional Yoga Sequence for Treating the Pressure that Comes from being Overworked and Overwhelmed

The shoulders seem to be one of the places where stress gathers in the body.  This might manifest as a slumping of the shoulders (indicative of feeling burdened or weighed-down by life) or it may show up as tightness in the shoulders (and a feeling of being unable to relax).  By tapping into the energy that resides within your shoulders, you can assess your own feelings of being overwhelmed and overworked and then release the emotional and physical stress that you are feeling.

  1. Begin by sitting in Easy Pose. Focus on your breath, on finding your equilibrium. Close your eyes and allow yourself to tune in to your body and to reflect upon those things in your life that are causing you to feel overwhelmed.  Take a few deep, slow breaths.
  2. From this seated position, raise your hands up and over head, to the sky, pressing your palms together.  Then lower your hands to your heart center in Prayer Position.  Press your palms together as hard as you can until you feel your arms and your shoulders shake with the accumulated stress and pressure.  Hold this position as the tension builds up.  Then release your arms down to your sides and exhale.  Ask yourself: What in my life causes me to feel that kind of intense pressure?  Let your body answer rather than your mind.  Tap out the first issue that arises using the EFT sequence below.
  3. Next, kneel on your mat.  Extend your right leg out to the side, bend over the leg with the right arm on the right leg, the left arm outstretched in Gate Pose.  Feel the stretch in the side body as you ask yourself where you feel you are overstretched in your life.  Return to an easy seated position.  Tap out your answer.  Repeat on the left side, tap out whatever comes up on that side.
  4. Return to kneeling and take a Camel Pose which will stretch both your shoulders and your back.  Ask yourself “Do I feel like I am bending over backwards for anyone or anything in my life?”  If your answer is yes, return to an easy seated position and tap out the issue that comes to light.
  5. Next, take Rabbit Pose, with the arms outstretched over head, interlaced behind your back, and the head resting on your mat.  Feel the intense opening in your shoulders.  Ask yourself which of your current stressors is most intense.  Be as specific as possible with your answer and tap it out.  For example, if you are worried about paying your bills, don’t just tap out financial stress.  Tap out a dollar amount that you are afraid of not having (such as “Even though I may be $525 short on this month’s bills, I deeply and completely accept myself.”)
  6. Take an active Child Pose with the arms outstretched.  Feel the tension dripping out of your hands into the mat.  Ask yourself if you are still holding on to any stress in this moment.  If you do have any stress, return to Easy Pose, and tap out the issue that is causing you continuing irritation.

That’s it!  The whole routine will take you about 10-15 minutes.  You’ll be amazed by the results!


The Emotional Freedom Technique Sequence

Although there are various levels of complexity with EFT sequencing, the following is a simple but effective version of EFT which works according to the following three step formula:

  1. The Setup.
  2. The Sequence.
  3. Repeat the Sequence.

The Setup

Here’s how the Setup works: Repeat a neutralizing affirmation three times while rubbing “the sore spot” or tapping the karate chop point (located on the side of either hand).  

The neutralizing affirmation is very easy and works according to the following formula:

While rubbing the tender spot a few inches below your color bone or tapping the karate chop point, you say out loud “Even though I have this                                           I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” So if you are struggling with deep-seated anxiety about your job performance that is interfering with your life, you would say, “Even though I have this anxiety about my job I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Rub the sore spot or tap the karate chop point continuously while repeating the EFT affirmation three times out loud and focusing upon the problem or emotion.

The Sequence

The tapping sequence is designed to unblock stuck energy from the body and release it. Repeat the reminder phrase (the same word or words you inserted into the underlined phrase) while tapping on the following points in the following order:

  1. EB – Eyebrow
  2. SE – Side of the Eye
  3. UE – Under the Eye
  4. UN – Under the Nose
  5. CH – Chin
  6. CB – Collarbone
  7. UA – Underarm
  8. CR – Crown of the Head

Tap the points in the above sequence as outlined. Do so with slight pressure, not to the point of pain. Use two fingers to tap. I suggest tapping both sides of the body with one hand on each side to achieve maximum effect.

The Sequence (again)

Repeat the tapping sequence (outlined above), careful to repeat the reminder phrase while tapping down the body points mentioned above from top to bottom.


More specific information about how Emotional Yoga works can be found at



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