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Eight Secrets To Gain Muscle | Amazing Result

Jul 19th 2012 at 2:57 AM


Everyone needs more muscle. If you want, learn to win.

There is every reason to gain muscle. If you do not have enough muscle, lose fat horrors will cost. The tone does not exist, the photo model simply has more muscle and less fat than you. The cardio is not enough. Ladies, do not worry, not going to get as hulk. If you have an old muscle is your pension plan to be healthy.


These are the secrets to fill those clothes and look great:

1. Lifting


The long-continued efforts, such as distance running or cycling, are great for burning fat, but do not make your muscles grow. ¿Weight throwers, sprinters, tennis players, basketball players? All weightlifters. If you want to grow, put iron in your life.


2. Lift more weight


For your muscles to grow you have to work over your limit. Beware, do not hurt. Always keep proper posture. You just have to follow this principle: When your head tells you that you can not lift the weight again, lift again.


3. Volume


Need more weight or more reps? Both! Volume is the weight multiplied by repetition, and that is the value you have to increase. If you do only three reps with a lot of weight, you will increase the strength but not muscle size.


4. Short and intense


Spend two hours in the gym is a bad idea. Your muscles store a finite energy as glycogen. If you exhaust, you'll never get to achieve maximum volume, because you've run out of strength. You have to take the muscle to the limit with the energy you have. The session should last no more than 50 minutes.


5. Measures and progress


The muscles get used to the effort immediately. It is therefore important to keep a diary of your training and progress, and every day up more volume than last time. I did not say the same thing, I said something else. For example,

If you did ten reps with 20 kilos, you have to do ten to 25 kilos, or twelve to 20 kilos.More info about "Mass Gain" :


6. Rest



The muscle does not grow in the gym, it grows while you sleep. If you do not stop rest days between training, or not enough sleep, muscle fibers do not regenerate properly and do not grow. Can not lift more than in the previous session? Your muscles have not recovered. Go home and come back tomorrow. As they say in California, Go Hard Or Go Home.

7. Come


We are talking about gaining muscle, not lose weight. You have to eat more, but without going over. Estimated an additional 15% on your regular spending. Your body has to build new mass, so you need bricks, ie more protein. Not only proteins. If you do not eat enough carbohydrates, the body breaks down proteins for use as energy, and do not reach the muscles. Eat carbohydrates that are absorbed slowly, like vegetables, brown rice and lots of green. Do not forget the fat, little, but necessary.


8. No stress


You know that growth hormone is essential to increase your muscles. But if you're stressed, your body is flooded with cortisol, a hormone that puts us on alert.Cortisol blocks the growth hormone and testosterone.Also overrides the immune system, increasing the risk of falling sick. Take it easy.


This is not a program for the entire year. Again, we talk about gaining muscle, but you can not win forever. There are seasons to alternate with others of muscle growth or fat loss maintenance.

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