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Effective Ways for Changing Eye Color

Nov 9th 2015 at 9:45 PM

Do you want your eye color to change? It is a perception that eye color cannot change but due to advance technology you can change your eye color. Eye color adds beauty to person’s appearance. The color of the eye is due to iris muscle, therefore, to control the size of the pupil, muscle expand and contract. It works according to the lighting means pupil will become enlarge in dim light and smaller in bright light. Thus, when the size of pupil changes, iris pigments start compressing or spreading resulting in changing of eye color. In a natural way, eye color changes with age but if you want to change eye color in younger age you can do that by some methods. Eye color also changes when emotions change like if a person is happy their eyes become lighter and when a person is angry their eyes become darker.

Different procedures to change eye color

Some people ask a question that can eye color be changed well the answer is yes but eye color change temporarily if you have not done surgery of eyes. The different ways to change eye color are the use of colored contact lenses, use of honey and herbal ingredients like tea, etc., by laser surgery, and so many more. Eye color can change by taking proper diet thereby a proper diet make hormones responsive, and hormone make an effect on eyes making them lighter or brighter. It also changes due to the use of cosmetics done on eyes like eye shadow, eye liner, etc. which makes effect resulting in changing of eye color. Through these natural processes eye color change and due to natural things, hormones start responding and make you beautiful and attractive.

By use of colored contact lenses, you can make your eye color different such as green, blue, amber, sea green, etc. but take precautions while using it. Precautions like wash hands before putting it into eyes, place them in solution when not in use, do proper and regular cleaning of it, and most important before going for sleep take out these lenses and avoid much exposure of sunlight. Do not wear lenses for a long time otherwise it can cause harmful effects or even damage eyes like blindness. Eye color can also change permanently through laser surgery in which artificial lens is put on eyes and make it different from natural one like blue, green, etc.

About eye drops

There are many eye drops that protect eyes from harmful effects but also there are drops that change eye color. Color changing eye drops are there which can change like honey. Some people say that diluted honey can change eye color, but it is for temporary. To make honey drop, use lukewarm water and put some honey into it and then mix it, it is ready for eyes. But take a recommendation from doctors before using honey drop as it can damage eyes severely.

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