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edema can cost your life

Aug 6th 2014 at 11:57 PM

Attention! When such a condition shall immediately call 911. Besides swelling may occur and rashes, runny nose, indigestion and a sharp drop in blood pressure

Some allergic reactions arise and evolve so quickly that in order to save the person requires emergency medical treatment. Statistics show that this is pretty common-at least once in a lifetime 10 percent of people have experienced such a serious condition.
For the swelling of the Kvinke no age: in medicine is registered with baby on two and a half months, which developed such severe condition only because on his skin got a few drops of kefir. Every twelfth case of illness is complicated with very dangerous for life, swelling of the throat.

You have already understood that the swelling of the Kvinke is one of the variants of the allergy. We all know how manifests it. However, in a number of situations, the swelling of the Kvinke is not associated with an allergic reaction, and about 30 percent of the cases he could not identify the cause.

This type of allergic reaction is the most dangerous, because it is developed like wildfire. Characteristic symptoms: swelling in the skin in the subcutaneous connective tissue and mucous membranes. Besides swelling can appear rash, fever, indigestion and a sharp drop in blood pressure.

Food colourings, medications and stress provoking situation

If we talk about allergic swelling of the Kvinke, which is caused by allergens, they can "hide" where they live-in food products in medicinal substances in the venom of the insects in the household chemistry, cosmetics, in the pollen of plants, in house dust, etc. because of the breakdown in the body's immune system begins to perceive them as foreign agents, and to fight them, singling out specific substances-immunoglobulins. In turn, the increased level of these immunoglobulins of reactions which unlocks eventually leads to allergy. As already mentioned, such reactions can occur without allergies. For example nealergičniât Kvinke provoke oedema of:
-food coloring;
-poisonous insects – in this case they act as an irritant, not as an allergen;
-drugs-exhibit their toxic properties;
-some food-cheese, sauerkraut, sausages;
-stress in the presence of a hereditary predisposition.

Fluid retention is in different places

Often swelling appears quite suddenly on the face (especially the eyelids, lips, nose), ears, tongue, hands, wrists, feet and genitals, i.e. where there are a lot of subcutaneous connective tissue. Sometimes he reached large sizes and can migrate, i.e. TU appears on one, sometimes elsewhere. It is dense and painful when touching. If a person with a finger squeeze, do not form a âmička on it. Very often swell the mucous membranes in the oral cavity, tongue, soft palate, tonsils, the shot, the throat. And rarely, mucous membranes of the stomach, intestines, genitals. It must be said that in many cases the swelling of the Kvinke is accompanied by fever, low blood pressure, pain in the joints, a change in mood. Sometimes the swelling disappear without trace after a few hours. However there are varieties that run very hard.

The most dangerous is otičaneto throat

In the 20-25 percent of cases experienced swelling of the throat, which poses a real danger to life. Starts with a rusty voice, barking cough, the man breathing hard. But it is possible, and other developments – when the swelling increased and spread down the Airways. In this case, if not prove immediate medical assistance, arises the danger of deadly asphyxiation. And after the seizure has a long time to keep the hripliviât voice.

If the swelling of Kvinke is "chosen" the gastro-intestinal tract, the man felt a prickling sensation on the tongue and palate. You can then sick, I started throwing up, gets a sharp pain in the abdomen, swelling in his intestines and diarrhea occurs. Often such patients are fighting in hospital with suspected appendicitis or intestinal infection.

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