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Eating disorders lead to weight gain

May 23rd 2014 at 3:32 AM

Eating is not just a simple fun for some people. It is, instead, part of a complex psychological problem take a number of diverse forms. In fact, eating disorders are abnormal habits in eating may include not eating insufficient or excessive adoption of diet and exercise or yearning to large amounts of food or get rid of the food before absorbed into the body through the deliberate use of vomiting or laxatives materials.
In most cases, the people with eating disorders are underweight, but may also owners of normal weight or overload. It seems that women and girls suffer from eating disorders than do men and boys. It should be noted that there are two basic types of eating disorders are anorexia to food and gluttony sick. Loss of appetite to the food: The people with anorexia to food do not eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. Loss of appetite may lead to food to malnutrition and damage the heart, kidneys, and serious disruption in blood electrolyte levels. This is linked to the problem of osteoporosis and irregular menstrual cycle in women and a higher risk of early death in men and women alike. Pathological gluttony: Customized Fat Loss Review
This is called eating disorder called "insatiable and disposal." A person with pathological eating large amounts of food in a short period of time and then resort to vomiting or laxatives, or both to get rid of the food The alternating periods of gluttony and disposal with periods of excessive dieting, so, may remain unchanged or weight fluctuates a lot. This leads to the problem of dehydration and damage the gums and teeth as a result of acid in the vomit and damage to organs and internal bleeding from stress vomiting and even death. So, if you see that you are suffering from an eating disorder, talk to your doctor. It should be noted that the treatment of eating disorders require psychological counseling and nutritional consulting both and often require medical care as well.

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