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Eat well ... Against The Disease

Sep 18th 2013 at 10:08 PM

To eat , not eat to how delicacies. But the emphasis on "eating better" to recognize that the disease because the disease has beset many unintended caused by diet. Adults and teens are familiar with the food than curry vegetable dip.

The young generation that grew from the milk and food. They look perfectly plump round cheeks cute. But predicting the future is difficult to escape the threat of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure. Vascular disease.view full article here (grow taller 4 idiots review)

Cancer how it affects the food that causes the disease. ? when food enters our body, it is broken into smaller structures. To metabolism. Or metabolic effect. The small cells. In the body can lead to nutrient utilization and energy. But when the body has an imbalance of nutrients in proportion to the needs of the body.

Tends to get too much of certain nutrients, especially flour, sugar, starch, sugar and fat, for example, are often found in fast foods and desserts. When the body gets too much insulin secretion increased. To help control blood sugar levels. And when the amount is not enough. Will lead to diabetes. In addition, the remaining flour and sugar will turn into fats and accumulate parts. Of the body causing obesity. Which accumulate more.

System of the body starts to malfunction, leading to variability and diseases such as fatty island along the coronary arteries lose their elasticity. Block the flow of blood. It can cause the heart muscle to die from lack of blood to the brain. , prevention is better than the "good for eating disease" must start from choosing a balanced diet each day, and the right amount. Reduce and avoid certain foods. The heart follows.

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