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Eat or Be Eaten Up By Your Moods

Dec 18th 2013 at 3:37 AM

It’s no secret that your mood can certainly affect your behavior. That’s why mood can have such influence over your pattern of eating.

Self-awareness is a mood interceptor. Self-awareness can enable you to very directly relieve your mood by being cognizant of the cause of the mood and of your need to do something about the exact cause.
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If, however, you are not as self-aware as you need to be, perhaps because you are defensively unaware at times, you will not be alert to the causes of your moods. Under these conditions, your lack of self-awareness can result in you adopting an eating pattern that will make you feel better while the real cause of the mood goes unattended to. This is the situation when a relationship problem, a family issue, or some other kind of mood inducing matter results in eating too much food or eating too many calorie-rich foods.

An example of being defensively self-unaware is a woman who gets insulted by a friend, feels the impact of the insult, but somehow quickly twists the insult into “her friend didn’t really mean anything by it.” In addition to twisting the insult into something her friend didn’t mean, the woman also ignores her own feelings about being insulted. The final step in this woman becoming unaware is after a while she forgets the insult ever happened.

The consequence of this process of unawareness is the woman has an eating pattern that makes her a compulsive eater and she is very overweight. The mood that she became unaware of finds a way to take its toll.

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