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Sep 3rd 2010 at 5:32 PM


Hello my Friends!

Today I have to tell you about Wheatgrass, a product 2000 years old, healing millions of people around our Planet.

The only available Wheatgrass product that includes nutritious ROOTS!
Biotechnology is integrated into the production of INS Wheatgrass to bring you a double active formula with double active ingredients. INS Wheatgrass is cultivated in a sterile environment utilizing indoor organic aeroponic cultivation (IOAC) technology. In this technology, even the roots of INS Wheatgrass are edible, rendering a truly high-tech health supplement.

Nutrients Hidden Within the Roots of Wheatgrass

Why is the root of wheatgrass so important? From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the leaves of wheatgrass have a cooling effect, whereas the roots produce a heating effect. Combining both characteristics neutralizes the effect produced by each individually. Hence, INS Wheatgrass does not produce heat or cooling effect. From the scientific perspective, the root of wheatgrass is rich in nutrients, enzymes and active ingredients. Experiments show that both roots and leaves contain many types of nutrients, which co-exist in synergistic proportion to form a balance and whole nutrition. They facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Active ingredients found in the root of wheatgrass, especially auxin, stimulate damaged cells to undergo cellular repair. Therefore, INS Wheatgrass is the simplest and most convenient way to increase vigor and boost immunity for the physically frail.


Wheatgrass Enzymes

Among the numerous active ingredients found in wheatgrass, enzyme stands out as the most important compound. It acts as a “catalyst” in the body. It can be said that “if there is no enzyme, there is no life”. As we age, our body’s ability to synthesize enzymes as well as the activity of enzyme diminishes. Supplementing our body with enzymes enhances cellular activity on top of increasing the inherent enzyme reserves in our body. SOD is particularly important among various wheatgrass enzymes. It can effectively scavenge free radicals. Once the SOD reserve in the body drops, oxides induce pathological changes in cells and subsequently the cells lost their self-repair ability. SOD not only prevents various affluent syndromes, it slows down the natural aging process. SOD is an essential antioxidant in cell activation. Besides scavenging free radicals and eliminating toxins, wheatgrass enzymes break down excessive fat and protein. It can even help in reducing tumor and cyst.

Chlorophyll in Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass contains an abundance of chlorophyll. The structure of chlorophyll is similar to that of hemoglobin, which makes it possible for our body to convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin. A study done by Dr. A. Zin, Hughes and Latner also proves that chlorophyll increases the hemoglobin index in human body, which makes it the best choice for treating anaemia. In addition, chlorophyll is more powerful than any other remedies in helping the human body resists carcinogens. It strengthens the functions of liver, neutralizes toxic compounds as well as eliminates toxins in blood.

Super Nutrients in Wheatgrass

In the selection and consumption of nutritional supplements, quantity as well as quality counts. Wheatgrass contains numerous bio-available essential nutrients needed by the human body such as vitamin A, C, E & B complex, 17 amino acids, minerals like iron, sodium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, cobalt, and sulphur. They are all easily digestible and absorbed by our body.

Main Function of Wheatgrass
- Blood circulation
- Detoxification
- Anti-inflammation
- Anti-bacterial
- Blood production
- Wound recovery

In a world that’s becoming increasingly hostile to human health, there has never been a greater demand for products that take a natural, holistic approach to wellness – an approach designed around the inter-dependence of the body’s various systems. Easy Pha-Max line of products perfectly meets this growing worldwide need by marrying time-honored wisdom with cutting-edge biotechnology. By placing in your hands the finest-quality herbs and potent nutritional supplements, Easy Pha-Max gives you the tools you need to take charge of your health, to look and feel your best.

Evrybody needs Wheatgrass, Why? We need more boold cells, every day we loose 2.5 Mills of cells, The Clorophile from Wheatgrass give us back new born cells, 3.5 Mills a day, this a miracle, but is the truth.

Check out here and you will be convinced http://myeasycenter/Nellymary.

This is a special Wheatgrass, made with roots.

I wish all of you to be healthy, but until we all come back to organic, natural way of living will not happen, our enviromental living, eating, breathing will decimate us every day.

We have to start to select organic of anorganic, our body is organic and that's all bad reaction and sickness to anorganic components.

I will be back soon with interesting articles.

Nellymary Tanase

Global Entrepreneur

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Jun 4th 2011 at 5:49 PM by marymusic
I like this and will certainly look at your website. I've been looking for a low cost nutritional supplement with enzymes. Thanks, Mary
Jan 12th 2011 at 7:55 PM by caroljbs
This is an excellent article, right now I am ready to start taking it. Thanks Nelica.
Dec 4th 2010 at 3:11 AM by nelica
It's a Huge Warning in this world about "What we eat" this is a very serious matter. We are Organic and we HAVE to eat organic. I know many will say from where and how when all the markets are full with unorganic product, with lots of chemicals in it. Even so there are many solution to eat Healthy and organic, many You just need to do it, for your health, for your life. And, here now the Wheatgrass has an enormous contributions to your Health. If you open the site and read thousands of testimonial and the great effects on our body, by taking Wheatgrass every day that's will be the first step to Heaven. WE ARE NOT BORN SICK, WE BECOME SICK BY MANY FACTORS INFLUENCING OUR LIVES, BY FOOD, BY AIR, BY CLOTHING, BY FURNITURE, BY MANY OTHER NEGATIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE FACTORS. BE AWARE AND TAKE ACTIONS, DON'T LET YOUR BODY AND MIND TO BE DESTROYED. God Bless!
Oct 26th 2010 at 10:38 PM by nelica
I invite all my friends from ImFace Plate to study Wheatgrass, it is a healthy product, all of us NEED to be HEALTHY, this essential in our life. I WILL ENUMARATE ONLY FEW OF wHEATGRASS BENEFITS. Our company's mission is to share the wealth of good health, using the latest in bio-technological research in harvesting the power of nature, and creating breakthrough products that our network of independent partners use and promote worldwide. Easy Pha-max USA is about... SHARING THE WEALTH OF GOOD HEALTH Health is our greatest treasure and Easy Pha-max believes that the right investment in this asset rewards everyone with a long and enjoyable life. Our product offering is about enhancing man's well-being and enriching one's quality of life. BIO-TECHNOLOGY AND HARVESTING THE POWER OF NATURE Easy Pha-max applies itself to discovering the benefits of wheatgrass, nutritional products and herbs. Using the latest in scientific research, Easy Pha-max aims to bring out the best of nature and use them to care for nature's care taker... man. ALL-NATURAL EFFICACIOUS NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS Easy Pha-max USA's products are carefully formulated to meet the various nutritional needs of man and address certain health concerns. Our products stand out for their efficacy, safety and unique formulation. THE POWER OF A GLOBAL NETWORK OF EASY PHA-MAX CENTERS Easy Pha-max USA reaches its market using the power of a network of relationships worldwide nelica
Oct 16th 2010 at 12:54 AM by nelica
Wheatgrass is a natural product. The clorophyl from Wheatgrass has the same chymical composition like our blood. The clorophyl atom contain magnezium and the blood atom iron, this is the single diferrence between them. In fact in Asia, Wheatgrass is used 50% with blood for transfuzion. I wish one day all the people around this Planet will use only Wheatgrass, natural product for life.
Oct 5th 2010 at 3:15 AM by nelica
I will come back soon with another article about Wheatgrass. This is the best natural product in the world with such a properties to keep you in the perfect HEALTH. I know and other Milliones people, I used all Wheatgrass products for 7 years and it's working. The day you start using you will never stop! Go to the site and try it, you will regreted didn't find it earlier! NEVER IS TO LATE TO BE HEALED AND HEALTHY!

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