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Does Rogaine Foam For Women Really Work?

Nov 27th 2015 at 10:44 PM

Suffering hair loss as a man is difficult enough, but the potential eventuality is more or less socially accepted. Women, however, often find themselves horrified if hair loss begins to occur, searching for ways to reverse the condition. Rogaine foam for women can make a difference.

The 2% Rogaine foam formulation created especially for women can have a tremendous impact on thinning or balding hair. Women will find there are some things they need to know before they dive into this products use. To enjoy the greatest success with Rogaine foam for women it’s important women understand:

  • Who it works for – Rogaine foam for women is best suited for those who suffer from hereditary hair loss. That means hair loss caused by another source, such as an illness or medication, may not respond to the use of Rogaine foam. If the cause of hair loss is unknown, it can be helpful to check with a healthcare provider to rule out other issues.
  • How it works – Rogaine foam is designed to stimulate the scalp directly. By promoting hair follicles to grow in size, the product enables follicles to sustain hair growth while preventing hair loss. Essentially, Rogaine foam promotes a healthy scalp that may enable the growth of thicker, fuller hair.
  • The dosing does matter – The medication used to stimulate the scale found in Rogaine and other similar products has very specific dosing recommendations for women and men. The two types of products are not interchangeable. Women are advised to use 2% formulations. Men generally are advised to use a 5% formulation. It is best that women steer clear of men’s products – more is not better in this particular case.
  • Proper usage is critical – Rogaine foam for women should be used twice daily like clockwork. While an occasional dose can be missed, frequently skipping doses can lead to renewed hair loss. It is important to continue the product if results are witnessed.
  • It takes time to see a difference – Rogaine foam does not offer an overnight solution to hair loss. Women who start this product are advised to keep using it for several weeks to months. If improvement isn’t noted in that time, Rogaine might not offer a solution.
  • Some hair loss may occur – When Rogaine is first used, thin, weak hair may shed from the scalp. This is not a cause for concern.
  • Rogaine works for millions of women – When hair loss is hereditary in nature, Rogaine has a strong track record.

Hair loss for a man is often just an inconvenience. For a woman, it can be a devastating experience. Rogaine foam may provide a solution.

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Minoxidil Direct is one of the Internet’s leading providers of Minoxidil shampoo and other related products for men and women. The company prides itself on delivering the highest quality products right to its customers’ front doors.

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