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Do you need to cut out alcohol?

May 26th 2014 at 6:10 AM

Once or twice a week, you should not drink more than one or two units are . A small glass of wine or 25 ml measure of spirits, form a single unit . How much weight can you get? Each woman receives the amount of weight would be different. However, all you need to take during pregnancy more than 10-12 kg . If you get excess weight can affect your health and can raise your blood pressure. Equally, the regime is also important to try to do .  Please read the following recommendations to be groomed during pregnancy ;  1 cleaning During pregnancy, women 's skin tends to be dry . Therefore soft , moisturizing additive is necessary to use pH adjusting cleaning items . In addition, mothers of very hot water while taking a bath with warm water instead of washing is more appropriate. In order to avoid excessive drying bathing should be more than 2 times a day . Aromatherapy products as well as some of it should not be used during pregnancy .

If you are using these types of products do you need to contact a dermatologist . Acne -prone skin acne problems in the first 3 months of pregnancy is likely to increase . During pregnancy, retinoid , salicylic acid acne medications that contain ingredients like composing full risk of the use of the net unknown. But certainly these types of drugs used during pregnancy unless it is recommended . Care will be the most ideal face regularly with an appropriate cleaner is day 2 . Glycolic acid products out of use during pregnancy is not detrimental .  2 moistening Skin moisturizers is very important for pregnant women . During pregnancy and after pregnancy because sometimes the skin dryness can continue. Mothers regularly after each bath with a moisturizer appropriate , especially the abdominal region , especially all you need to moisturize the skin .  3 Solar Protection During pregnancy, the effects of hormones on the skin darkening is happening. This change in nipples and genitals ventral midline is developing physiologically . But besides called mask of pregnancy characterized by brown spots and discoloration , so we can come across . This color change is generating exposure to the sun is the main cause . To suffer this problem as much as possible to get pregnant avoid exposure to the sun and sun protective of them recommend that organic ones to choose . Mothers will use sun protection cream is the protection factor of at least SPF 15 and will be out at noon, the sun protection factor 30 or higher , we recommend using protective products .  4 Cosmetic Products During pregnancy, the use of cosmetic products produced from organic substances would be the most appropriate approach . Made up as little as possible is ideal. cosmetic products obtained from natural substances , as well as makeup products as well as natural sunscreen properties beside their use also in daily because they reduce the need for sunscreen .  5 Special Care Products Today, many products called aging cosmetics blocker , color management, controlling acne problem has become widely used in our daily lives as the case . Many of the active substances used in these products is from the skin by suction effect .

Therefore, during pregnancy side effects of these products are harmful to both mother and baby are not fully known whether they have . Tests of these products could not be performed during pregnancy, pregnant summarize what you learned from the moment we recommend cutting the use of these products .  6 Leg Care It is an extra burden on the legs during pregnancy thousand . Because skin blood flow in pregnant women has increased 30 percent . The increased power in the legs, especially 2-3. month is getting significant leg swelling . Therefore, at every opportunity during the day to mothers to rest your feet and extending leg massage with oils we recommend that appropriate .  7 Tummy Care 5 of pregnancy abdominal skin Due to the rapidly growing uterus is stretched continuously from the beginning . Takes the form most suitable for crack formation region .

Proper daily care and massage treatments with products by increasing the elasticity of the skin of the abdomen , may reduce the risk of cracking .  8 Nail Care During pregnancy, some women easily broken nails , as the decomposition of problems while living at the edge of some women during pregnancy thicker nail fragility , away from the nails become more easily indicate that area . Women who have problems using the appropriate form of nail moisturizers regularly can decrease problems .  9 Hair Care Hair care, can require the use of many chemicals . There are no clinical studies conducted with this product . Hair dyes are used in very low proportions of the chemicals to be absorbed through the skin are known and excreted through the kidneys . Many women make during pregnancy is hair care . To date it has not been reported side effects associated with applications .

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