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Do not abuse effervescent tablets!

May 28th 2014 at 9:38 PM

Currently effervescent tablets are commonly used as very convenient. However, not all patients can also use any form of drugs.8 mistakes to avoid when you eat breakfast 4 unexpected mistakes in diet 5 Misconceptions in the wellness Exercise caution when using effervescent vitamin supplement
No illnesses have also drink

For the elderly, young children or those who are hard drugs, these drugs form of effervescent tablets easier to swallow as the ultimate form of easy to use and very convenient.

Tran Anh Hoa, a civil engineer (Hai Ba Trung District - Ha Noi) with a history of stomach problems. Because of work pressure plus the harsh working environment so you often have a headache. With each time he took a pain pill effervescent. Gradually he became "addicted" to painkillers this quickly.

Seeing the medication to take effect immediately so as many headaches as you keep taking 1 tablet immediately.

Recently almost every weekend I have used this drug to 2-3 members. But recently he has manifested abdominal pain severe, the examinations, the doctor said my stomach that cause recurrent back pain medication that he constantly

Like he Hoa, Nga, Bank staff (Thanh Tri, Hanoi) also has a habit of taking the form of effervescent tablets per headache flu because she found convenient easy to drink with the analgesic effect fast. So effervescent tablets she applied for the whole family. But she was a fly beat phen lost soul when I was sick. She immediately use effervescent tablets mix with a little water and sugar for the baby to drink continuously for a week, thinking how her son would like to drink and see more delicious. After taking time in about a week when her son to abdominal pain, diarrhea. Go to the doctor concluded she had diarrhea digestive disorders.

Dr. Dang Dinh Hung, deputy director of the American Hospital Program (Ha Dong District, Hanoi), the advantages of effervescent tablets are easier to swallow, fast-acting, convenient since before drinking effervescent liquid is converted into effective immediately. In the effervescent tablets often have a pleasant aroma to patients of all ages who like to drink.

However, the use of effervescent tablets, many people do not know how or discretionary use as effervescent drink too much during the day, taking the wrong time, or effervescent mix with some other miscellaneous stuff ... Those who patients that are not able to use this effervescent, but still drinking leads to not only health but also the risk of diseases such as Hoa and her brother did not learn Russian engineers or consultants who have the expertise to come as "money lost disabilities bring" new leaned down.

Do not abuse effervescent tablets!  1
Do not have the disease can also form effervescent tablets. Artwork

Principles of drug use effervescent

Dr. Hung said effervescent usually appropriate medication for dysphagia patients, especially children and the elderly. However, other drugs effervescent tablets with conventional medicine, to dissolve into the glass with the appropriate amount of water, all new boots effervescent drink. The drug has a rapid onset, but medication may be harmful to health if abused or used improperly.

In addition, the drug must be kept intact effervescent member, have good storage to avoid hygroscopic. You should not use sparkling form when wet, tin shell was punctured. Let the drug in reach of children.

You should only take medication after medication has completely dissolved into the water boiled as directed. In particular, you can not break it or leave it sparkling into his mouth and drank. The dose should be divided equally spaced at least 4 hours, renal failure each drink at least 8 hours apart.

Effervescent medication can cause bloating, constipation or diarrhea, so it should not take effervescent tablets after drinking carbonated beverages.

For drugs not effervescent analgesic and antipyretic used together with other medicines containing paracetamol overdose because it interferes with treatment.

The effervescent Efferalgan drug for adults and children weighing over 15 kg, to be administered in cases of moderate pain and severe pain when other medications no results. People who have stomach pain while taking painkillers should have specific instructions of your doctor, if they're overused in effervescent analgesic drugs thus making your stomach disease worsened .

Especially for those who have high blood pressure, kidney failure and the absolute salt diet not drugs generally effervescent. Because any public effervescent tablets also contain sodium (salt). So if we use many drugs for inflammatory diseases sparkling willing to do to become more severe.

In addition, there are some drugs effervescent vitamin C and calcium-containing mineral salts of calcium, these people are sick of high calcium in the blood and kidney stones need utmost attention.

Best use of effervescent tablets regardless supplements, medications or vitamin drugs also need the guidance of a doctor to avoid side effects that may occur while using.

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