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"Divan" fitness: exercise for the lazy

Jul 17th 2014 at 11:07 PM

Today we will focus on your (and my) four-legged friend. He is in every home. You meet and communicate with them, and quite close, every day. I will say more, many people can not imagine their life without it. Already guessed what I mean?

And taking into account the specifics of our heading? That's right, the topic of our today - Fitness on the couch. In the truest sense of the word. We'll talk about how to effectively use this wonderful fitness trainer to achieve these objectives, not only for sleep and laziness.

Unfortunately, this has not yet March pleases us with good weather - go for a jog slippery and cold to go to a fitness club - frankly lazy.

However, the summer - the season of light dresses, open tops and short skirts - is not far off. I hope you do not want to blame the May report to his reflection in the mirror, which does not fit into the control shorts that all spring procrastination hurt and could not attend training,

right? So, it is time to get down to business. And this does not necessarily fitness club. Desires, sports uniforms and sofas should be sufficient. Let's start from the beginning: pros, cons, conditions of employment and exercise themselves.
"Divan" fitness: exercise for the lazy
Plus (one, but significant)

● you are at home. And, then, you have everything at your fingertips. There is no queue at the approach to the trainer or hike in the shower.

No unnecessary witnesses perspiring forehead and stretched T-shirts (although this then we'll talk a little more). You are free to make their own training

schedule and also stick with it. Do not have anywhere to go, carelessly swinging the heavy sports bag with the form, accessories shower , sauna accessories, two towels, a small cosmetic bag and other necessary things scary.

Cons (two, but minor):

● low efficiency . If you are okay with willpower, then can not read. However, many, including me, it is difficult to force yourself to work at full capacity, and because it's where we reach the best result. Still, fitness club discipline more than home workout. Partly with the fall of the effectiveness of training is linked next point.

● distractions. cat may urgently need to play, a young man - to complain to colleagues, friends - call and start a campaign to entice you in the cafe. Of course, the attacks of nearby communicability will happen exactly when you are at home and for some personal reasons unfathomable rock press, scoring feet on the sofa seat.

Create conditions

● remove irritants. Whether it's favorite, the proverbial cat, mobile phone or TV included. Let this hour will be only yours. Be gentle but unyielding as our sofa. Pets quickly afflict your curiosity, and you get a quiet hour free to comment and attention.

● Take care of the atmosphere. Ventilate the room in which you intend to do. In cool place to practice more enjoyable. Pre-select the playlist for their exercise, try to give preference to the rhythmic and energetic tunes (under the romantic ballads and sleep for long - checked up on personal experience). If you decide to stick to the sports complex, which I offered to print it out in advance, so you do not get distracted.
● engaged regularly. sports psychologists proved that if for a month to train at the same time, for example, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 19:00, then the person will form a conditioned reflex. You look at the calendar, the body - on their biological clock, and - voila! - Every Tuesday you want to do, because the body is already accustomed to its share of stress and endorphins. Well, the results from regular classes will be much more noticeable.

"Divan" fitness: exercise for the lazy - photo 2

I decided not to give you just one set of exercises. I'll talk about how you can use the sofa in their fitness training, and of the proposed exercises you'll be able to make your training program. So, the sofa can be used:

1. Instead machine. On this exercise, I was told back in the Ballet School, so, consider almost a thousand years ago. But the effectiveness of it has not lost. Especially since it is multifunctional - one starting position you can do exercises that involve different muscle groups.

Starting position:

Stand sideways to the couch and drop your right foot on the back of it. Hands on her waist, spine straight, knees and toes are stretched, the left foot is parallel to the back of the sitting room.

Execution (option 1)

Extend your left arm overhead. Then slowly bend to the right, trying to reach the foot. At the lowest point pause for a few seconds, then return to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times. So you tighten obliques and hamstring.

Execution (option 2)

Stretch both arms above his head, stand on the sock, stretch upward. Slowly lower your foot to the floor, then slowly bend down, trying to reach down to the floor, and his head - to the knees. They, incidentally, along with the back, try to keep straight. Repeat 5-10 times at a leisurely pace. So get a load of popliteal ligament, glutes and hamstrings.

Execution (option 3)

Keep your hands on the belt and keep your balance. Slowly start to squat, trying to sit as far as possible. Of course, knees and back - straight. Try not to overwhelm forward and not "otklyachivat" ass. In the slow pace at least two approaches do 20 times. So you Pimp gluteal muscles, and at the same time stretch out the pelvis and knee joints.

Execution (option 4)

Turn around to face the back of the sitting room (foot pivot foot toe necessarily expand to the couch!). Raise your hands above your head. Slowly start to lean to the right leg. Try to reach out and clasp the fingers heel. Make sure that the housing is not wrapped to one side, bend smoothly, keeping your back straight. Our goal - to put her belly on the hip, but if you just will not be able to achieve it - it does not matter. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times. So you stretch the hip and knee ligaments.

2. Instead couch. No, no, I'm not mistaken. Sofa in training can use it as a sofa that is the space in which lie, lying and watching TV. Starting position for all exercises will be the same - lying on the couch on his back.

Execution (option 1)

Stretch yourself, trying to get the toes of one wall, and hands reach the opposite. Relax. And now, in the rhythm of breath-breath begins to tighten and relax the stomach. Easy? Now continue to do so for at least a minute. And do not be lazy!

Execution (option 2)

Put your hands behind your head, but the legs tighten. Slowly lift the lower limbs to the level somewhere armrests, and now just slowly lower. And then begin to rise again. Repeated at least 25 times. Too easy? Keep your feet at the same time with the couch shoulders, straining already high press.

Execution (option 3)

Bend your knees, lift the body, hands extend along the body. Now for each account (or exhalation) alternately drag the left hand to the left little finger, right hand - to the right. Make at least two approaches to 25 times. Load - top news, obliques.

"Divan" fitness: exercise for the lazy - photo 3
Attention, it's time to turn over. Now our original position - lying on the couch, face down .

Execution (option 1)

Raise a body from the couch so that the support was only on the toes and elbows. Making the proverbial bar. Try to keep it at least a half minutes (half the commercial break) and make at least two approaches.

Execution (option 2)

Extend your arms forward, pull socks. Now, straining your back and legs, lift the body and hips from the sofa on each account (or breath). Make at least 15 times. This exercise is perfectly straight and tighten obliques, shoulders and buttocks.

Execution (option 3)

Put your hands under your head, bend your legs at the knees. Yes, subject to the initial position turns out that the foot look at the ceiling. Now for each account lift the hips off the couch, but the arms and shoulders, try to keep still. Repeat 20-25 times, and then take another approach. This exercise is excellent tightens glutes and hamstring.

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