Diseases associated with depression

Jun 13th 2014 at 3:32 AM


This term means the coexistence of two or more diseases. With statistical surveys can determine how often the diseases occur simultaneously in a patient. This can mean that one or the other causes that there is a common cause of affecting the occurrence of all of these diseases.


Medical source, among others. Mental and Physical Health Charter of the 1st September 2009, indicate that depression can mean:

increased risk of cardiovascular disease (eg hypertension tętnicznego, ischemic heart disease),
increased risk of diabetes, increased risk of hormonal disorders,
The same source reports that obese people have a 20-50% greater risk of depression and the risk of comorbid depression is similar to the risk for heavy smokers.
Quality of life

Comorbidity, or the occurrence of other diseases beside depression adversely affects quality of life. Deepens the feeling of discomfort, gives a sense of meaningfulness excessive worrying about their health and on the basis of feedback both condition worsensHealth in terms of bodily and spiritual, that is, somatic and mental health


Treatment in the case of comorbidity multipath must therefore - include both the treatment of depression and other ailments. Due to the nature of depression (simultaneously worrying and less attention to himself, neglect, sleep disorders and appetite), the person so affected may neglect treatment. There are cases not buying medication or not to accept them because of lack of sense of purpose of these activities, while worrying about the poor state ofhealth .


Support from the people close to the case of depression is extremely important in the case of the presence of additional ailments can be crucial for the effectiveness of treatment.

Author: Magdalena fescue

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