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Discover The Benefits Of New Plant Fashion - Kalettes

Sep 29th 2015 at 2:03 AM

Kale apparently went down in history as the "new fashionable plant" and a smaller version is the new protagonist, the Kalettes
The kalettes sprouts look like a mini that fit in the palm of your hand, are similar to the leaves of kale purple ribbed small leaves. In fact Kalettes are a combination of kale and Brussels sprouts, although the taste is not the same. This new plant has a sweet, nutty flavor, they are much more versatile for cooking traditional kale. The can sautéing, roasting, eating raw and even grilling. Your imagination is the limit.The kalettes hit the market as "flower buds" or "Flower Sprouts" in the UK in 2010. But only in October last year came to the US market and have since become the new hybrid that is revolutionizing food industry.

Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow are touting the wonderful benefits of kalettes, it has also been featured in several TV shows, news and in supermarkets and health food stores.But the growing popularity of this new plant is due not only to the media or celebrities 1grandes Kalettes, if not the great benefits and results obtained by eating the kalettes, the kalettes even can help you lose weight.If your goal is to lose weight and live a healthier life, kalettes can give you the boost you need to start with the right foot. Want to know more about this hybrid vegetable powerful? Then read on.
The kalettes and benefits

As the plants from which it derives, the kalettes are packed with nutrients and health benefits. They are an excellent source of vitamin K - provide 120% of the RDA, folic acid, vitamin C - 40% of the recommended daily dose, and also contain lots of fiber. Fiber benefits us in many different ways. First, it helps us maintain healthy and regular digestive system and help process food properly, preventing bloating and constipation.

It can also help you lose weight. As you know fiber absorbs liquid when it is in the stomach, causing it to expand, occupying more space while you digest. This makes you feel fuller and may actually keep you from eating too much and consume too many calories. In addition, your body takes much longer to break down and digest fiber than other types of food, it also helps prevent cravings after hours. With this benefit, avoid the extra calories is much easier!
Another way in which kalettes can help you lose weight is to keep you satisfied for a long time with very few calories. You can eat 3 cups kalettes for just 90 calories and no fat at all, what other food you do this? The kalettes not contain cholesterol, they have very few carbohydrates and a good amount of protein.

Because the kalettes part of a flowered plant called "Brassica" are also known to promote the cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems. Another major benefits that have the kalettes is its high content of iron, calcium and vitamin B6. These vegetables are a real source of nutrition contained in a small packet of green leaves that fits in the palm of your hand.The Disadvantages Exposed Customized Fat Loss

How to eat kalettes 2

The kalettes grow between the months of November to March, so they are not available all year. Look for them in the supermarket at the end of November so that you buy very fresh. Your imagination is the limit for cooking and eating.

One of the easiest ways to cook is scalding the kalettes for a few minutes in boiling water, can also sauté with a little coconut oil, the can grill and season with a little sea salt and fresh pepper, cook also kalettes in the oven until crisp it is delicious or can be eaten raw with a little cream homemade chickpea. Basically you can cook kalettes the same way that Brussels sprouts.

My favorite way to prepare kalettes is chop and combine them into a stir-fry Asian style including red peppers, onions, fresh peas, add some chicken breast, shrimp or fish with a little tamari and have a very healthy and delicious dish that will keep you satisfied for long.

I also really like the kalettes in an omelet for breakfast. For this you need some eggs, a touch of almond milk and all the vegetables you want (kalettes, onions, spinach and tomatoes). Sauté the vegetables with a little coconut oil, add the egg mixed with a dash of almond milk and cover to cook well. An excellent breakfast to start your day full of energy. Have you ever tried the kalettes? Share your experiences and healthy recipes with us in the comments section below.

Remember share this article with all your loved ones so they also take advantage of the great benefits of this vegetable small.Learn More Details About Fat Loss

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