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Different Ways to Remove a Tattoo in India

Nov 30th 2015 at 4:29 AM

Tattoos used to be unique identifying factors on people in the ancient times, but in this day and age, they are more of a means to decorate your skin, express a message, or convey your personality. You may have gone through a phase in your life when getting a tattoo seemed like a good idea. Now that the tattoo has lost its meaning, you might want to get rid of it. If in case you are in India, you have a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon in India for options on tattoo removal.

There are three major methods to remove a tattoo in India: Q-switched NdYAG laser, Q-switched alexandrite laser, and surgical excision or sandabrasion. Laser tattoo removal is a good way to remove the seemingly permanent ink because it is faster, safer, and will leave you less prone to infection and scarring. Q-switched NdYAG laser is often recommended for most tattoos, and Q-switched alexandrite laser may be administered for certain colours.

All kinds of tattoos can be removed via laser treatment in India. This includes professionally done tattoos as well as those that were caused by injuring or bruising the skin. Laser treatment can remove coloured tattoos, but green and yellow hues might require subsequent treatments to fully disappear. Laser treatment can remove surgical and amateur-made tattoos, too.

Q switched lasers provide a specific light wavelength that goes into your skin to be absorbed by the ink. This way, the ink can break into smaller particles, which will be eliminated naturally by the filtering systems of the body. Laser tattoo removal is recommended because it does not harm the surrounding skin. The light can be adjusted into different spectra and the machine can be calibrated to suit the colour of the ink that needs to be removed.

Laser tattoo removal procedure may require a local anaesthesia. Some patients report mild pain or a tingling sensation where the laser is administered. Don’t worry—the sensation will fade in a few days. Professional tattoos may require six to 10 sessions to remove, while amateur tattoos may require about four to five sessions. Either way, treatments are spaced in intervals of six to eight weeks. This way, the dermatologist can protect the integrity of your skin, allow it to heal, and prevent burning. In most cases, the amount and type of ink used in a tattoo, and the depth of the ink in your skin will decide the number of sessions you will have.

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The Esthetic Clinic is a world class center for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and skin, hair care. Currently it is located in Mumbai, India. It is founded and headed by the internationally renowned and trained Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor, an internationally renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist. We offer the complete array of surgeries for any abnormality affecting the face and skin.

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