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Diet For Weight Loss With Kefir Diet Plan

Oct 24th 2012 at 12:25 AM

Yogurt - it is fermented milk drink alcohol and fermented product of fermentation of milk. He is famous as one of the most useful and dairy products. Kefir has a calming effect for the most important circulatory and nervous systems. Due to the presence of vitamins and minerals, yogurt improves bowel, cleansing the body, rejuvenating and even in some way regenerating effect on the skin, improves hair and nails. Just yogurt lowers high cholesterol in the blood to normal, improve immunity, fight strong prostration and insomnia - sleep disorders. In addition, diets based on kefir are relatively easy to get rid of extra weight beyond diet solution . Kefir diet is considered to be mono-diet, so without any other associated products sit on it and gently preferably no more than two or three days.


Kefir diet is contraindicated for people suffering from gout, rickets, gastritis, plethora, as well as people with gastritis and a high content of acid in the stomach.

The three-day kefir diet

Daily drink at least a half liter of the fermented milk product in six receptions, at regular intervals diet meals plan.

This option kefir diet is an effective way to lose weight.

The five-day kefir diet

Every day should 200 grams of lean meat, one boiled egg and a little salad. In addition, drink half liters a day of yogurt. Lose weight in yogurt for 9 days to 8 kg. During kefir diet reduce the amount of salt, sugar and other spices. Buy the lowest-fat yogurt. For all the days consume up to 1.5 liters of yogurt daily for all five days. During the first 3 days diet can 100 grams of cooked rice without salt and spices. In the next 3 days for 100 grams of chicken breast. In the last 3 days - eat apples 1.5 - 2 kilograms. Results for slimming diet kefir and various diets for a few days suggest a loss of 3 to 7 pounds. Knowingly these results, because the composition of yogurt favors cleanse our body, which is the loss of Veda one or another kilogram. One of the important advantages is that, after the diet is not a quick weight comes back, but with the right exit and without disruption, will be set at all. This 9-day diet is very common in different variations. The point is what's on the order of three days with a mono diet and the inclusion in the diet of yogurt. This helps the digestive tract function normally.

Kefir cottage cheese diet

Per day should be consumed 300 grams low-fat yogurt, drink 750 ml (entire amount of food should be divided into six receptions).

The seven-day kefir diet

It is essential to drink a half liter of yogurt, eat one additional product.

First day: 5 potatoes in their jackets.

Second day: 100 grams chicken.

Third day: 100 grams beef.

Fourth day: 100 grams fish.

Fifth Day: Vegetables and fruits.

Sixth day: only yogurt.

Seventh day: out of the diet - fasting on water (mineral, still).

Kefir-apple diet

During nine days should be consumed alternated kefir diet (1.5 liters per day) and apple (1.5 KGW day) days.


A specific of this diet is to interleave kefir and grocery days. Kefir is only 1% fat, but the products can be used all sorts, without restrictions.

The five-day hourly diet

Kefir main feature of this diet is the fact that there should be strict at certain hours. This system supplies you to reduce 5 extra pounds.

7.00 - herbal tea (no sweetener).

9.00 - two middle grate carrots, season with vegetable oil.

11.00 - boiled beef or chicken (200 grams).

13.00 - Green apple.

15.00 - one boiled egg.

17.00 - green apple.

19.00 prune (9-10 units).

21.00 - yogurt (250 ml).

Nine-kefir diet

1-3 day: rice cooked without seasoning or steamed (100 grams), yogurt (fat content of 1%).

4-6 days: chicken meat (fillet) with no seasoning boiled or steamed (100 grams), yogurt 1%.

7-9 days: apples (any amount), kefir 1%.

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