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Nov 27th 2014 at 10:37 PM

Diet that you can get the "tiles" of the stomach? Yes, there is and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases that occur as a result of weight gain in the abdomen.

Author of this diet - ABS diet is the editor of Men's Health, David Zinkzenko, who claims that his diet reveals the formula for how to have a stronger stomach muscles in just 6 weeks. The diet focuses more on health benefits than the look, combine diet and exercise and says that allows losing six pounds in the first two weeks of the plan, and in the next two weeks I would lose from 3-4 pounds.

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What should I eat?

ABC diet crown of six basic rules:
entering six meals a day
regular consumption of troubled
awareness of what you drink
focusing on the 12 so-called "Powerful" products
entering only one meal a week if desired 
not counting calories.

The six include three meals a day and three main meals between alternating, with adherence to the rule each meal contains at least two, and each snack at least one of the 12 "powerful" products. Powerful products are pillars of diet plan, because it is a product with high nutritional value that are rich in protein, healthy fats and calcium. The choice of product depends on the desire and choice of 12 is large enough for everyone's taste.

12 "powerful" products include:

Green vegetables
Milk and other dairy products with reduced fat
White meat poultry and fish
Peanut Butter
Olive oil
Cereals with whole grain taste and integral
Whey protein
Grainy fruit

Knowing how counting calories he can be frustrating, the author of this diet simplifies things replacing counting calories with proper portion control, so that a single meal should not be bigger than a small bowl.

Although this diet requires a completely eliminating refined sugars from the diet, as well as saturated fat, but once a week you must eat what you want, and it is recommended to be what most longed for.

Another recommendation is megjuobrocite meals and regularly replaced with troubled done with reduced-fat milk or yogurt, whey protein, fruit and peanut butter.

Be advised during the day to bring 8 cups of water to flush out toxins from the body and suppress hunger. Unless water is allowed to drink low fat milk and green tea. Soft drinks and alcohol should be fully eliminated.
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Exercise is an important part of the ABS diet, although the first two weeks of the program is not necessary, because the focus is on nutrition. When you start exercising schedule is rigorous, and involves training three times a week from two times the focus is on abdominal exercises. In other days the author recommends aerobic activities like walking and light exercises.

In terms of exercise recommended distance of at least 48 hours between exercise handle, heat 5 minutes before exercise and one day rest. To achieve maximum results it is recommended to change the routine of exercise at least once a month, so that the body will adapt to certain exercises, which can result in developmental delays muscle.

Upon completion of the program of six weeks, no clear instructions on how to proceed further, but still recommended to follow the rules to keep the shape and weight, except that instead you one meal a day to eat it and you want to reduce the intensity of the exercises.


It is a diet that encourages the intake of products that are good for the heart, such as cereals with whole grain, fruits and vegetables, and products low in saturated fat. This diet may be beneficial for reducing the risk of heart disease.

The diet is simple and requires no calorie counting, frequent small meals and give a feeling of satiety which facilitates compliance with the diet. Also emphasizes exercise, without which quality can lose more weight.


As objections to this diet is the diet that gives promises that she reduce fat in the abdomen, because it is impossible to lose pounds in just a certain part of the body.

However, exercise can do a lot.


Since it involves a rigorous exercise program, people with heart disease should consult with their doctor before starting with the program.

The proposal for the daily menu

Breakfast: Disorder - mix in a blender with low-fat yogurt, banana, orange juice and whey protein

Snack: almonds, tangerines

Lunch: grilled fish, spinach with olive oil

Snack: whole wheat crackers, humus

Dinner: Cooked chicken with vegetables

Snack: Orange

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