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Dental Symptoms that mean you’ll need dentures in the near future

Feb 8th 2015 at 1:28 AM

Dentures are false teeth made of ceramic or plastic material that are made to sit in place of missing teeth.

It requires a huge mental shift to wear dentures, especially if your loss of teeth is as a result of an accident at a young age.

Dental Symptons

Though dentures have their advantages, your teeth are more valuable and you should take better care of them.

Know if you are a likely candidate for dentures in the near future

Besides unavoidable circumstances such as accidents, below are different preventable circumstances that might render you a candidate for dentures.

1. If your gums bleed or are tender.

This could be an indication of gum disease. When decay and gum disease are in their advanced stages, you might need extractions and if you cannot afford implants to replace them, dentures might be your only option.

2. Loose teeth.

Loose teeth might need to be extracted and sometimes depending on the severity of your situation, they might fall off on their own.

3. Tooth decay.

Early stages of tooth decay can be treated by filling. When advanced expensive procedures such as root canals and crowns will need to be done. If none of these are possible, you’ll have to get dentures

4. If you’ve already had several extractions.

If you have had several teeth extracted, it might mean that you do not take care of your teeth properly or you have a gum disease which is causing tooth loss.  You will continue to lose more teeth.

5. If you find it difficult to eat hard foods.

6. If you are uncomfortable about smiling.

Advantages of Dentures

If you have lost most of your teeth and need dentures, you could get the following benefits:

· Aesthetic appeal

The ceramic material used to make dentures mimics the natural appearance of teeth.

· Better oral health

Dentures prevent bone loss and provide support for your facial structure. They also boost self-esteem.

· Budget friendly

Partial and full dentures are not as costly as other options

· Dentures enhance your day to day function as compared to your rotten teeth in the following ways:

o They can give you a better smile

o They might be more functional than your extracted teeth. This might be the case if you previously had loose teeth or gum disease

o They will enhance your smile

o Dentures nowadays are designed to ensure they fit comfortably and are visually appealing

· Flexibility of options

There are different types for different needs.

o If you have lost all or majority of your teeth, you have the option of full dentures.

o If you are missing a few teeth, you can get partial dentures.

o If you don’t want to remove the dentures, you can get implanted dentures. They are strong and long-lasting.

If you still have most of your teeth, you can ensure better oral health by doing the following:

I. Brush your teeth 2 times a day. Use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth.

II. Eat a vitamin rich diet. Vitamin A for strong bones and vitamin C for healthy gums.

III. Visit your dentist 2 times a year for checkup, cleaning and treatment of any conditions.

About the Author


Jack Dawson is an accomplished medical professional with extensive experience in the field of dentistry. He has for the last 3 years contributed to shaping individuals’ lives by changing their smiles. When he is not busy at his practice, he writes about his experiences and useful dental tips. Visit his website to read more.

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