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May 25th 2014 at 10:29 PM

Arsenic, manganese, chlorine, iron, ammonium, nitrite, are the main hazardous chemical elements and compounds that hit and unfortunately hit red, five years in many municipalities of the country for the quality of water for human consumption and one "competent 'does not give importance.

Forty (40) regions of Central Macedonia, fifteen (15) West, ten (10) Eastern, twenty (20) of Central Greece, thirty (30) of the Peloponnese and twenty (20 ) islands, water for human consumption is considered inappropriate and dangerous to use.

accordance with Directive 98/83/EC of the EU Council and the Joint Ministerial Decision (V2/2600/2001), defined as "Drinking Water '.

A. The water either in its natural state, either through processing intended for drinking, cooking, food preparation, and other domestic purposes, regardless of its origin and whether it is supplied from a distribution network, from a tanker, or in bottles and cans.
b The water used in any food-production

undertaking for the manufacture, processing, preservation and marketing of products or substances intended for human consumption. reproaching us the European Union indignantly the General Secretariat of the Commission of the European Communities, exhausting every tolerance after strong of complaints in 2002, 2003

, 2004, sent a warning letter to Foreign Minister Molyviatis towards the end of 2004. This letter referred to the Secretary General of the EU extensively complaints and noting breaches made ​​in the abovementioned Directive, and documenting the impact on citizens' health from poor water quality in many regions of Greece, urgently requests an

explanation. Specifically, for the borough Chalastras states that the main pollutants such as arsenic, manganese and nitrite are at very high levels , far exceeding the limits of the EU 1998. Moreover areas of Corinth

teeming with coliform bacteria and nitrates, have surpassed the boundaries of the Directive. In the region of Central Macedonia, in 52 municipalities, the limits of the Directive in dangerous parameters have exceeded the limits. In the municipality of Axios that after the river, watered and Thessaloniki, five chemical parameters limits are exceeded two or three times (see table).

Fatal consequences Did you know that some time ago the third of mankind was permanently sick because of wastewater and ten million people a year die from drinking water. Man unfortunately with water poisoning and every living creature on the face of the earth and in the water. Maybe it is hard to imagine.

But it does happen: to open water in the kitchen sink to approach a match on tap and flames envelop the water or a river freshwater catch fire when you throw the lit cigarette! Surely though, you've seen muddy water that not drunk and you can not even wash your hair! The known symptoms of headaches,

dizziness and anaphylaxis a crystal in a format that only drank water! And all these are not figments of imagination galloping. Unfortunately occur. Man's attempt to quickly facilitate life, not take security measures resulting in danger to reverse himself objective,

against (Something like trying to introduce genetically modified organisms before considering the safety of a very dangerous method). Along the way, man has created new life-threatening chemical compounds. A few years ago there were on the market more than 60,000

chemicals such preparations, of which 35,000 were fatal to very harmful for health. These chemicals in the form of toxic waste buried in the earth thrown into rivers and streams flow into the sea, without any concern for the impact that this has on humans or the environment. Insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers are benefits for farmers around the world, but is so constructed that are bombs and water the earth.

Powerful insecticides, such as, the DBCP can cause cancer and infertility in humans. The poison penetrates the layers of the earth and ends up in ground water layers. The famous magazine Newsweek reported that 250,000 people in a province of California at risk of contamination from DBCP. Some herbicides act, as has been discovered in the brain causing amnesia. In many rural areas fertilizers have nitrate concentrations above the established health limits. Detergents, solvents,

dry cleaning fluids, cleaning materials cesspools, again despite the "benefits" their pervade and pollute for many future generations of the clear waters of the earth. Many of the millions of underground tanks of petrol stations under specific reports dripping everywhere, in the streets of cities.

The combustible material that goes into groundwater and vapors are those that can cause, igniting the water that runs from our taps. 's belief that all chemicals are filtered, passing the various layers, does not apply, instead infect aquifers for generations.

The contamination of groundwater was years before a criminal lack of diligence rather less insight (1.5 trillion gallons) of hazardous waste, only penetrate into the groundwater of the U.S. each year). A single gallon of solvent infects 20 million gallons of groundwater to an extent that exceeds the limits of safety.

The great crisis began in 1980 and since then we keep a time bomb about to explode. Already a quarter of the world's stock of water is unfit to drink. The largest proportion of contaminated water in China, the former Soviet Union, South America and India. All these contaminated waters resulting inevitably drunk from humanity to die. Every so often we hear a new case of

water contamination, as regards both the quality and adequacy. You will have noticed that the water quality is worse for the most part than before. Even what we see circulating million liters in bottles, to flow in the few remaining rivers, springs from springs and wells, and stagnate in natural basins of the earth is not necessarily pure.

In Greece there is an acute problem largely corrupt and obsolete, the network provides us EYDAP. The network of pipes made ​​of asbestos, a material banned anymore and accused carcinogenesis.

The network now reaches 7,000 km and is mainly constructed after 1960 from 50% asbestos pipe presents many problems and needs immediate replacement. Otherwise the water become more expensive by 2.5% when EYDAP entered the

Athens Stock Exchange and receipts increased by imposing fines for important renovation works to the benefit of its shareholders .. The responsibility controls the water supply has always EYDAP. According to data from the Athens microbiological and chemical analyzes of water

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