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I am a Consumer Health Educator.

I write and publish health & wellness articles and newsletters.

I create learning tools that people can use to promote and protect their health.

I enjoy:
Internet marketing

My goal is to empower others to take control of their health through knowledge and awareness.
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Computers Have Changed Our Lives-So Can Inventions.

Feb 19th 2011 at 11:11 AM


When FitsDesk wrote about computers and their effects on physical health, they may have had this Faceplate in mind.

Computer users have specific health related probelms many as a result of a sedentary  lifestyle. With the increase of home-based businesses these problems can easily become a global problem.

From carpal tunnel, dry eye syndrome, back discomfort to chronic disease computer users are at risk.

Computers have changed our lives for the better in many ways, but sadly the modern human’s ubiquitous use of the personal computer is directly associated with our rapidly declining physical fitness and health.

An entire generation is emerging that uses the computer to work, play, and socialize: becoming the focus for just about every waking free hour of their lives.

Older generations are following a similar pattern: through social networking sites like Facebook, the daily email check has expanded into long sessions of online chatting, and messaging with friends online.

The computer has fulfilled almost every need in human life: from the source of many people’s incomes, to the marketplaces where we engage in commerce, to the public forum where we recreate and experience community. It is probably the greatest tool in human history, but one fundamental human need that the computer has failed to meet is that of meaningful daily movement.

People have evolved for millennia to be consistently active throughout the day, moving, walking, picking, lifting, waving, carrying, bending, and laughing. These seemingly mundane activities constitute the majority of our caloric use. In other words, just doing our everyday activities is what kept us thin, happy, and well.

Today a new generation of solutions is emerging. Inventions and solutions to marry our computers with our workout routine, so that we can now burn calories AND use our computers simultaneously.

One of these new inventions, the FitDesk Laptop Exercise is unique in that the comfortable foam top allows you to rest your elbows forward, supporting your weight while keeping your hands free to type, use a mouse, or hold a video game controller.

This is  looks an excellent state-of -the art tool to take care of computer related health problems.

Internet  workers and computer users can reduce or eliminate health risk factors. associated with their work and workplace.

Persons needing to lose weight can use computer time to promote their health and vitality.

Internet workers who are  already physically challenged can improve their health status by protecting their health in a non-challenging environment.




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