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Complications of Diabetes - Reverse Your Diabetes Today Review

May 9th 2014 at 10:20 PM

Usually happens when a diabetic for at least five years, not seriously.

Complications of the eye (Diabetic retinopathy) caused by the sugar into the endothelium of small blood vessels in the eye cause these blood vessels are created glycoproteins, which are transferred into Basement membrane more done. Giving Basement membrane thickness.

But these blood vessels are fragile, easily torn. Blood and certain substances in the blood will leak out. And contributed to the Macula edema, which can cause blood vessels to tear.Article Research By Reverse Your Diabetes Today Review Program

Blurred vision to create branching of new blood vessels is too much light hits the Retina obscured vision make the patient worse. Eye or retinal degeneration Or see black spots floating around and may cause blindness eventually.

Renal complications (Diabetic nephropathy), renal impairment often The occurrence of renal Vascular pathology of small Nephron Glomeruli will allow albumin to leak out to the filtrate Proximal tubule is thus obliged to uptake more nutrients. If a long Renal failure, which would cause patients often die within three years from the first onset of symptoms.

Neurological complications (Diabetic neuropathy), diabetes Will cause small blood vessels.Read More Informative Articles on Healh Cure (http://www.healthauthoreviews.com/vision-without-glasses-review/)

The cultured nerve pathological hand toe. It makes the nerves can not take the feeling further. Such as numbness or burning pain felt by hand. Patients with lesions The patient is unaware And wound care such Moreover, patients with high glucose. So as well to these pathogens and then wound it will rot and eventually lead to Amputation in men may be vulnerable. erectile dysfunction (impotence).

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