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Complete training guide for women: customized and proven methods to lose weight tone up and become a sexy (Part I)

Nov 2nd 2015 at 11:19 PM

The main problem that all women hear when I tell them to lift weights is that they do not want to grow too much mass. If you believe that, you are here to reconfirm that will not happen! Let's see why!

The story testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle growth in men who lift weights. Women's testosterone levels are a small fraction of those of men. To put it more scientific and, in figures, the normal level of testosterone in a man is in the range 200-1200 ng / dl while in women at 15-70 ng / dl. So overwhelmingly lower. Even when men are at the lower end all have more than double the maximum testosterone women. Average testosterone levels in men are 700, while for women 42.5. Therefore, men have 16.47 times more testosterone than women. I convinced women have hormonal necessary support muscle growth in men? So afraid that you will turn into a ponytail Arnold is unjustified in terms of hormonal!

But what is the explanation for women bodybuilders?

I'm sure you saw and ate think many women muscular, masculine appearance without any hint of a woman, perhaps with the help of specific areas feminine plastics. The real reason this happens is because those women are taking exogenous testosterone injections and most certainly and other anabolic steroids. When women take exogenous testosterone / steroid is possible that signs of hair growth on the face and chest muscles more developed redistribution of body fat from specific storage by the characteristic feminine men, deepening of the voice and other effects. The idea is that if not taking exogenous testosterone or other steroids, you will not turn into a ... Barbie If you lift weights, no matter how large they may be.

However, I have to specify that it does not mean that if you want to deposit and a little table, you will not be able to make. Sirloin and you will develop only as much shaped and toned.

Studies and research

Studies have shown that men and women do not have to train differently.

If you are a woman and want to develop some muscle, thus increasing your body shape and its forms, then you will need to lift and heavy. Specifically, my dear, this means that despite much publicized exercise repetitions with small weights dozens of "suitable for women" will have to lift heavy loads and challenge you to become all the more difficult.

I'm not saying you cannot take benefit of sets with more repetitions (15-20 more meaning no 40), however it is not the best way to shape up.

Overview of repetitions:

· 1-5 reps = force

· 6-12 reps = hypertrophy

· 12+ reps for staying


It is a very simplistic view of the effect of the number of reps because there are many adjustments made ​​in time. For example, many people fail to make weight lifting weights that allow them to execute only 1-5 ​​reps per set or 12+. But I think you've done a little idea of how you can grow muscles, stands out between 6 and 12 repetitions.

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