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Common Conditions Associated with Blood Sugar Testing

Jun 14th 2013 at 10:46 PM

Nowadays there are various Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) tools available in the market. A small battery operated device known as Glucometer is the most popular among these tools. This device is used by diabetics to regular measure and monitor their blood sugar levels. There are various types of glucose monitoring meters available in the market.

If a person is out in the market to purchase the most suitable meter then he must first understand the working of this device in order to purchase the best meter in the market. A person can also consult his doctor to obtain a valuable advice in order to find the perfect meter.

The glucose meter is associated with supporting devices such as lancets and Diabetes Glucose Meter Strips. Lancets are used to collect blood samples for blood sugar testing and monitoring. This tool pierces the finger and collects blood for testing. Diabetic test strips play a vital role in blood sugar testing. Blood Sugar Test Strips are placed inside the Glucometer and are used to measure blood sugar levels. The reading can be obtained by dropping the blood sample onto the testing strip. Some of the diabetes glucose meter strips are specific for specific meters, whereas others can be used along with any other the meter of your choice.

Testing and monitoring of blood sugar levels is important for diabetic patients because their bodies cannot process sugar properly. The body of a diabetic patient cannot break down molecules of sugar and hence the sugar does not get absorbed by the organs and muscles and is not stored as energy for later use.

Common Conditions Associated With Blood Sugar Testing

  • Hypoglycemia or Low Blood Sugar: Under this condition the effected person suffers from a low amount of glucose in their blood that can be fatal. It is known to everyone that brain cells and body cells require glucose or proper functioning. Low blood sugar means the brain is suffering from lack of fuel and might shut down. Many diabetic patients are aware about this risk and therefore, use an insulin pump for emergencies. When the blood sugar level drops much below normal reading the muscles and brain of the diabetic begin starving for energy that is obtained from glucose. This usually occurs because of side effects of insulin and other medications related to Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Diabetic Coma: Under this condition the diabetic patient lapses into coma and this occurs because of various complications in relation to diabetes. In majority of cases, low blood sugar level is the main cause behind a person lapsing into coma. Many other conditions such as nonketotic hyperosmolar or ketoacidosis coma might also occur.

Due to the above mentioned fatal condition all diabetic patients using insulin and diabetes testing strips are recommended to always keep an emergency glucose kit known as a Glucagon Emergency Kit with them. This is because a very low level of blood glucose can prove fatal for a diabetic.

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