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Combating The Effects of Grief on the Body

Mar 4th 2011 at 8:06 AM

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things any of us ever have to deal with. Our world is turned upside down and the sense of loss and suffering can be overwhelming. We feel that the pain and anguish will never diminish.

Typically there is a period of shock, followed by disbelief, and then despair. The initial period of shock may render us unable to feel anything at all. People experience grief very differently. The emotional and physical effects can include sadness, anxiety, depression, mood swings, mental instability, physical discomfort, emotional retreat and outbursts of anger.

Some of the more prominent physical warning signs associated with unresolved grieving include insomnia, loss of appetite, nervousness, short term memory loss, exhaustion, and general ill health.

Since the response to grief is so highly individual, grief can take months or years to pass, and in some cases may never disappear completely. Many people experience a fresh onset of grief on anniversaries (the date of death, birthdays, Christmas, etc.), long after the initial pain has passed. For them, it may be helpful to set aside a yearly grieving day on which they can face and deal with these feelings.

Some people try to hide their emotions and deal with their problems on their own, but this can hinder the grieving process. Grieving should involve the help and support of others, whether family, friends, clergy, or a professional grief counselor. Unresolved grief can cause serious future problems.

A healthy diet, exercise, fresh air, sunhine, and plenty of rest are all very important during the grieving period to provide your body with as much energy as possible to cope with the physical and emotional strain. Prayer is a powerful tool for overcoming grief and providing peace of mind.

Nutritional supplementation during any period of hardship should aim to ensure that no deficiencies exist to hinder your ability to heal at this time. Deficiencies are a common result of the added stress on the body due to lack of sleep or poor eating habits. Adding B Complex and Vitamin C together can help reduce nervous tension, combat fatigue and fend off illness, and reduce the effects of toxins on the body.

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