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Jul 2nd 2015 at 6:38 AM

Age is not all about making you wise and graceful, but it has more to do. Yes, here I am talking about the disgraceful manner in which age impacts the brain, causing discomfort and uneasiness in daily life. At the age of 45, I started dealing with the issues of short term memory loss. Like, I used to walk out to reach my car without keeping the keys with me or walk in the store to purchase something, only to feel embarrassed realizing that I was not having the wallet with me. It didn’t stop here. Once I had to reach office on time to deliver an important presentation to mark the success of the company, but then forget to carry the pen drive in which I had saved the data to be delivered. Now, after witnessing something real and unacceptable, I had to search for a definite solution to get rid of the constant trouble and so I ended up ordering CognIQ. An effective brain booster, I was amazed to watch the difference it made in my daily life. I mean that I have to congrats the makers of this product for creating this supplement which actually works to deliver commendable changes.


Read CognIQ Reviews Before use


Let’s know the product with the review in detail.

I don’t suppose tackling the issues of memory loss were ever easy as I have experienced mind blowing effect of CognIQ. All I need to say about this supplement is that it is a revolutionized brain booster embodied with a breakthrough formula to nurture the demands of your brain. It works to strengthen and restore the vitality of the brain by reducing the effect of age and other factors from its adverse effect. The clinical studies done in regards to the working of this supplement proves its effectiveness in processing information from the past, sharpening of its focus and noticeable improvement in the concentration level. This assists in keeping you motivated, focused and healthy in the long run, in order to rescue you from the troublesome effect of memory loss. It increases the communication between the neural structures to regulate the supply of blood. This process metabolizes your body speedily so as to help you recover easily without any trouble.


The compounds of this supplement are also proven to treat the symptoms of dementia, brain fog, Alzheimer and other memory related problems. This boosts your confidence by strengthening your brain’s ability to perform better with every passing day. Hence, facilitates happiness by setting your life back on the tracks.


How Does CognIQ Work?


This supplement, to be very true, is the most recommended as well as the preferred brain booster all over the world by acclaimed neurologists as well as its users. Its composition supports the synthesis of the neurotransmitters with the powerful antioxidant-al property. It improvises the supply of the nourishment to the brain in such a way as to protect the brain’s healthy functioning getting hampered with the effect of stress, depression and radicals. This leads to the improvement in the brain’s thinking, reviving, recalling and remembering ability. The new cells and the growth of the neurons simultaneously helps you to concentrate on your work without any distraction. This allows you to secure a good position, making you smart and active with the growing age. The regulation in the blood supply provides nutrients to your brain so as to help it function better. Regular intake of its vegan capsules helps you notice the change in the functioning of the brain, thwarting the effects of the brain malfunctioning in the near future with its enduring results and impact.


Consequently, it provides you a healthy brain with enhanced cognitive ability that helps you to perform better with the age. Apart from this, it saves you from the constant taunts, embarrassment and feeling of discomfort that you used to confront with your family members, peer group or by the people of your gathering.


Where to buy CogniQ?


CogniQ is available at online stores now. You may book your order for CogniQ at



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