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Cl...ification of Hemorrhoids

Aug 18th 2014 at 11:28 PM

Kind of Hemorrhoids cl...ified into two types namely internal Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids and External Hemorrhoids internal is the most common type. The polyp swelling inside the .... can often feel no pain. I notice flow of fresh blood with stool. External Hemorrhoids A kind of soft polyp protruding from ....Always in pain And may bleed when the force feces. , severity of Hemorrhoids with disease Hemorrhoids can be divided into four stages.  1. term which no polyps or nodules protrude outside the .....2. Phase I began to have polyps or nodules protruding while straining to defecate and to withdraw into itself. Without a helping hand to push it3. Periodically with polyp or m...

protruding while straining stool. But do not withdraw into itself. The hands will help push it. So to get back into the ....4. This term has been extended polyps or nodules. Can not push this into the polyp rectum it.   treating Hemorrhoids the Of Hemorrhoids usually not fatal and if self-preservation is good. Bleeding and pain will be mitigated. Or disappear on their own within 1-2 weeks. cases where the severity of the disease is in stage 1 whether bleeding or not.It focuses on the practice of medicine and care of the patient is important. And if the disease spread to the start of stage 2 or stage 3 (but still small) suggest that self-care practices, coupled with drug use.

But if the disease enters Phase 3 (with a relatively large size) or to phase 4, or severe, such as bleeding timeIt is wise to consult a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment is ideal. Equations to cure hemorrhoids symptoms while Bleeding and / or pain Should guide practice, coupled with the use of rectal suppository. Which is topical With both the rods and the wax.Usually consists of a local anesthetic (pain relief) reduce inflammation. Contraction of vascular medicine And antibiotics, which manufacturers often produce their own medicine, the two types is both types of rods and wax. Which are components of the drug and the same concentration? A Drugs sticks (suppository) should refrigerate the drug ice or cold water to harden.

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