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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Supplements to overcome the same!

Jun 25th 2015 at 7:38 AM

The lifestyles these days are changing and the brunt of this is borne by our body. A whole range of medical complications develop due to lifestyle amendments. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition wherein the individual feels excessive tiredness which reaches the stage of inability to handle. When the person is unable to deal with the situation certain level of irritation and anxiety engulfs the sufferer. Medical attention is required to treat the disorder.

Symptoms underlying the condition are many. Few significant ones are outlined below:

  • Lack of concentration: The person suffering from the condition is unable to concentrate in their work and other day to day activities.
  • Sleep Disorder: Sleep is a very important weapon to maintain a healthy life. It is the key to a good and tension free life. But if sleep goes a toss, the entire system of the body goes haywire.
  • Muscular Pain: Un described pain in the body causes frustration and tiredness.
  • Headaches
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Decreased sex drive

These are a few symptoms which describe the causes of CFS. In fact sometimes the whole problem is self created. Self obsessed with one’s own criteria in life also causes such disorders. In appropriate clinical tests are not recommended to diagnose such a condition. Unnecessary investigation is not required and it should not be encouraged.

Fatigue which lasts for over a month becomes a case of prolonged fatigue! In such cases simple clinical investigation helps to treat the problem. In certain cases the underlying problems get detected. Thyroid, alcoholism or schizophrenia gets diagnosed which are the actual problems of fatigue. These medical issues also involve the presence of fatigue and are often misleading.

CFS is not just tiredness but a constant lack of energy resulting in unexplained mood swings. Before indulging in medical treatments, natural remedies or Chronic Fatigue Supplement are preferred.

  • Try to get proper sleep
  • Have a balanced nutritional diet rich in iron and magnesium. Increase the intake of leafy vegetables and beans. In case you are a non vegetarian eat meat to deal with the problem.
  • Proper exercising
  • Do Yoga
  • Make lifestyle modifications. Stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Finally, we cannot deny the use of supplements to deal with the situation. Supplements of iron and magnesium are very helpful. Take multi vitamin rich in B complex, vitamin D, and folic acid. D- Ribose helps in cell metabolism and the energy level of the body is increased. But don’t take these supplements without doctors’ prescription. Self medication can create another problem, so always consult a doctor for correct diagnosis and accurate dosage.

CFS can be dealt with only if we follow the correct direction. Psychiatric treatment also makes positive changes and there should be no apprehension to visit a psychologist. In fact, the sessions are helpful and the disorder can be treated without any medication. These therapies help in getting desired results. Regular visits are necessary though to derive optimum utilization.

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