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Choose Quality Wine Racks for Proper Wine Storage

Jan 12th 2015 at 12:52 AM


From time immemorial, wine is a treasured drink available in different types for gracing different occasions. However, to maintain its quality and taste, proper storage is necessary. It is for that reason that wine racks exist to provide quality wine storage. While a custom wine room you choose how to store your bottles of wine, it is important to learn basic aspects of wine storage so you can know what experts recommend.

The first factor to consider in wine storage is light. Wine should be protected from light because it reacts with chemicals in the wine to alter its quality and aging process. That is why in a wine closet, proper care should be taken to have the bottles stay in unlit compartments to preserve their chemical content. When choosing a wine rack it is important to consider the light aspect and ensure that at least 90% of the bottle remains in a hidden in a hidden place.

In addition to light, another factor to consider in wine rack selection is capacity. If you need a rack just for your home bar, you can just choose a small capacity wine rack to accommodate a small number of bottles. For commercial purposes, you need a wine rack with a bigger capacity to ensure that you store the largest number of wine bottles you need for your customers.

Traditional wine racks did not have many features. However, modern racks have features that make them more convenient for wine storage. Other factors to consider in your selection include humidity and temperature control, which are also important for proper wine aging and quality. Alternatively, you can use fridge or wine coolers to store wine. These facilities are more protected and provide effective storage, especially in commercial settings such as restaurants and major hotels.

Wine racks are available from various suppliers both online and offline. It is advisable to buy only from reliable suppliers. Look at the quality of materials used to make the rack and determine if it is able to serve its intended purpose. Each type of wine rack has its advantages and downsides.

For instance, wine cabinets can be locked and protect the wine from light. Besides, it can also hold large amount of wine bottles. However, it is difficult to see the wine labels and it has limited designs. Look for strong construction in a strong wood such as oak, or mahogany. Other types of wine racks also exist such as freestanding, wall-mounted or countertop wine racks.

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