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Choline Sources

Feb 2nd 2015 at 9:58 PM

Choline supplements are the best fundamental nootropics which mainly offer cognitive benefits, but also help in potentiating the effects of other brain boosters. It is a vital component which is used in acetylcholine neurotransmitter production in the brain. This kind of transmitter is important for neuron health and proper mental function. By deficient in choline, you can increase your levels, which help in improved learning, memory, thinking, energy and focus. You can use different type of choline sources which help you in using nootropic stack. In this article you will come to know about some of the best sources of choline and can help you in selecting the one according to your needs and wants.

Choline foods

There are many foods in the western diet which contain choline, but it is not enough to meet our needs on a daily basis. In America, half population is choline deficient which can lead to fatigue, memory loss, impaired cognitive ability and headaches. With the help of foods containing choline in higher concentration, you can easily increase your acetylcholine levels.  For example, meat, eggs and dairy products are the best sources of phosphatidylcholine. Many people who are vegetarian and not getting enough of these nutrients are considering only more soy with Soy Lecithin in the daily diet.

Some of the people do not get choline because Lecithin and Phospahtidycholine are two efficient sources of choline available.

Choline Bitaratrate

Choline Bitartrate salt a choline supplement which is affordable and stacked with Aniracateam and Piracetam. It is considered as a best source of choline than lecithin and Piracetam. But it won’t be a strongest option for the nootropic stack as it doesn’t properly cross the blood- brain barrier. You can easily use it with your Racetam stack but there are different varieties of option available if you are really serious about the stronger results.

Acetylcholine Supplement

You should use an acetylcholine supplement rather than using an real choline source. These acetylcholine intermediates convert into the neurotransmitter but do not involve choline. The main reason behind supplementing choline is to increase acetylcholine levels and by this you will get the result which you desire for. The famous acetycholine supplements which you can easily use as nootropics : Citicoline, Alpha GPC and Centrophenoxine. These all compounds are stacked with the Nootrohpics, but you can easily use them as racetams also. For this reason, it is considered as more powerful supplements than choline supplements like choline Bitartrate.


The above mentioned choline sources are some of the best sources of choline today from which you can select according to your requirements. If you really want higher acetylcholine levels, then you can choose choline supplements, according to your needs such as Aplha GPC, Citicoline and Centrophenoxine. It is all depend on your personal preference and your requirements. For the better results, you can use a choline source with an Acetylcholine receptor stimulant like Noopept, Pramiracetam and Piracetam. It ensures your neurotransmitter levels which are optimized for brain performance to give the edge at school or at work.

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