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Charles Livingston - 7 good reasons ... to get moving

Jan 27th 2014 at 12:02 AM

Do you belong to those who seek the benefits of a sedentary lifestyle? Where did you hear something? Did you belong to the group of idlers? Okay ... okay ... you do not have much time for the gym! If we told you that exercise is not just the outward appearance, but the overall health of your organization.
You know that a sedentary lifestyle, according to numerous surveys, causes obesity and increases the risk of cardiovascular and other serious diseases? Systematic physical exercise can act preventively and therapeutically to. Possibly, and you wish the alarm not yet hit for your health, but to paraphrase a saying of our ancient ancestors would begin with a valuable tip, saying that "in the beginning was ... prevention" and will continue presenting you 7 important medical reasons to put movement into your life and the ways it can be beneficial and act proactively.
1. Cholesterol
Good Versus Bad : Increased cholesterol is a major risk factor for diseases related to heart and circulatory system. Hyperlipidemia blood favors the development of atherosclerotic plaques which are then converted into clots in the arteries. There are two types of cholesterol, the "bad» (LDL) and "good» (HDL).Charles Livingston The "bad" is deposited in the vessel walls of arteries clogging while the 'good' cleans transferring excess cholesterol from tissues and arteries to the liver where it is converted into bile acids and excreted by the body.
Benefits of exercise : Physical activity positively affects the relationship between good and bad cholesterol. Research shows people who exercise at least marginally exhibit larger values ​​of "good" cholesterol compared with their sedentary lifestyle enthusiasts. Make sure your diet avoiding fatty foods rich in cholesterol such as cheeses, standardized products, fried foods, sweets and exercise.
Extra Tip : With physical exercise you burn calories and fat and limit excess cholesterol lowering lipid levels in the blood.
Two. Hypertension
Prices soaring : Another major risk factor for cardiovascular disease are high blood pressure, with little more than the price of 90 and the great price of 130. In most cases no specific cause, the most prevalent anxiety. order to keep it under control diet sufficient low salt, which increases the pressure, and mild but regular physical exercise.
Benefits of exercise : It has been observed that regular exercise 2-3 times a week, exercise cardiovascular mechanism and keeps the pressure low (below 90 for the small and 130 large). Thus protected the heart and arteries of the disease risk as high pressure favors the creation of a "minor wounds" in the arteries, the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Extra Tip : Even where medication is careful diet and regular exercise are essential.
Three. Stress.
Stress Management : The demands of work, family obligations, the fatigue of daily life creates a hurry also affects your health. Stress can have a negative impact on the defense mechanism of your body resulting in susceptibility to mikropathiseis, infections, inflammations. Also can increase the pressure and cause anxiety and psychosomatic illnesses.
Benefits of exercise : Exercise is the key anti anxiety medication. The regular physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins, a chemical produced by the body and has a calming effect or removing tension or helping their "incurable" anxiety to cope better.
Extra Tip : If xeklevete even half an hour of the day to exercise even for a walk after you will have more energy to continue your day.

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