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Cell Hydration

Jul 21st 2010 at 9:43 AM

What are human beings actually made of? Are we skin, hair and eyes or are we organs, tissues and muscles?  Maybe we’re defined by having a nervous system, blood vessels and bone. Well if we wanted to know our true composition the answer is undoubtedly… a trillion numbers of cells. Cells are active communicators and they tend to use a lot of cell to cell minutes when communicating about our level of health. What type of information are they sharing? Before we jump in to that, it's important to know that our cells are affected tremendously by...

3 Major Factors:

 1.  Hydration- Aging takes place much faster due to dehydrated cells.

2.  Inflammation- Disease or various cell injuries, heart attack, pain etc.

3.  Oxygen- Neurodegenerative Diseases (Parkinson's & Alzheimer's), hormone injections etc.

So what are you telling me? I'm telling you that in water are the answer to many of our body's problems. We live in a medicated society where medicine and drugs purpose isn’t to cure the dis-ease of your body but rather to treat your symptoms of it. Come to think of it, just call us a true Microwave society… we want it now and we want it fast!

I’ve been reading this book titled, “You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty.” It’s amazing how almost every major dis-ease or physical ailment has a direct relationship with water and salt intake.  Dr. Batman (if you saw his name you’d know why) talks about how almost every poor human condition is attributed to low or the lack of efficient water levels.  Many of us do not drink enough water simply because we need to "drown" ourselves in so much of it; we’re turned off from the mere attempt.

Listen, caring about our body just isn’t enough.  We need to step it up so that we can be around for our children and they can LEARN proper health habits from US. Knowledge unapplied is as useless as a Mercedes without gas.  Of course you could sell it but are you going to sell yourself…hmmm I just walked into that one didn’t I? You get my point though.  Diets are not the cure all. To lose weight, eat right and drink water.  To build muscle, eat right and exercise.  Both are disciplines that you will have to choose to adopt each and every time a meal is placed in front of you.

Shannon, so does it matter what water I drink? If my body needs water, what is the best kind of water I can put into my body? Add me to your favorites and in my next article I will reveal some striking news about the water you drink.


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