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Causes of Vaginal Discharge

May 26th 2014 at 6:15 AM

Open our body parts ( eyes, ears and vagina ... ) are capable of self-cleaning . Inside to the outside of the vagina cleans itself with the release of a secretary non-normality in the secretion of consistency, color and smell , appears alternately .  So what are the causes of vaginal discharge ? What are the types of vaginal discharge ? What causes bad smelling discharge ? How to treat vaginal discharge ? Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal ?  Also Click Here : Structure of the vagina   Located in the structure of the walls of the vagina and cervix to secrete fluid . These fluids are moisturized vagina. Normally this is the reason that the vagina moist. In this way there is a healthy vagina. In women who are patient and constant wetness form. Normal or disease-induced currents but inmost be distinguished whether it is .

To distinguish this stream must know how healthy individuals. It flows in people, in the form of uncooked egg whites and is not blurred. It does not cause any odor . However, in some women during their menstrual periods is normal to smell. Also 2 of the menstrual period At the end of the week to make it easier to fertilize the stream becomes a little more fluid and darker. This is a physiological condition, and is considered as a normal condition.  Also Click : Vagina Cleanliness Glands secrete lactobacilli in the vagina due to discharge at a pH is acidic . Vaginal cells called excess glycogen molecule, which contains no sugar storage form . Providing protective vaginal bacteria balance uses glycogen as an energy source . Bulling slightly acidic environment of the vagina in the vagina allows the growth of the beneficial bacteria . These bacteria cause infections when produced more than compensates for the microorganisms such as fungi ( control amount) . Disturbances in the vaginal flora, the balance between the microorganisms in one or more of these microorganisms cause infections are more multiply. Vaginal infections, discharge, itching, burning during urination , and can lead to symptoms such as irritation .  Many organic and inorganic substances in the vaginal environment are : water , electrolytes, end cervical secretion , which is secreted from the glands, blood, cells, and bacteria from the top of the uterus .

Vaginal microbial ecology , parasites, some with hormones or antibiotics that can easily damage sensitive structure has . Healthy human vaginal Lactobacillus species is dominated Animator these bacilli , important in protecting the body against infections are served .  Also, it is known that if the dominating one Lactobacillus and other generally gram negative anaerobes from microbial balance becomes corrupted, this can result in bacterial syndrome .

Some situations can cause deterioration of the balance of flora :  Recurrent mycosis , air exchange , the ( candidacies ) that facilitates pregnancy , diabetes, oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices , broad-spectrum antibiotics, cortisone , buffer usage, use of condoms, the immune system -suppressing drugs , airtight underwear, treatment , spermicidal and so some of the chemicals, the use of perfumed or colored toilet paper , some bath - cosmetic products etc. . These factors include the balance of the normal flora, especially of Dowerless bacilli (lactobacilli ) may destabilize the formation of new and infections can cause mycosis . Symptoms of infection include itching, excessive discharge, burning, pain , dryness as the show itself.

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