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Cause of ill health - non-standard allergy?

Jul 11th 2014 at 8:32 PM

Allergic to the sun

The immune system decides that the skin test the effect of ultraviolet radiation, has become a foreign substance, and starts a fight with her. Not always possible to immediately identify the true cause malaise.

The fact that the reaction to the sun can be caused not directly heavenly body, and a combination of several seemingly unrelated to each other causes. So, itching, hives appear in the interaction of components and ultraviolet sunscreen

, body lotions, and even your favorite spirits. Just chemical compounds that make up cosmetics can enhance the sensitivity of the skin and provoke its disproportionate reaction to the sun. Workaround: If the reaction is severe,

consult a doctor immediately, who will select a course of treatment. Often effective means of controlling human exposure is focused ultraviolet

, but in very small doses (to help short-term (no more than 3-4 minutes) but frequent sessions in the solarium). This measure blunts sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet and addictive to it.

Allergic to water

Where to look cool water on a hot day inhabitant metropolis, not in the pool. But instead of the expected relief bathing brings burning eyes, itching, nasal congestion, sneezing? Often used for water disinfection chlorine

compounds that can easily provoke allergic rhinitis and lacrimation, bronchial spasm. However, doctors warn allergic to chlorine is false and true. Before you put an end to the pool, doctors recommend a simple test:

Before you dive into the pool, take a shower (using the gel and loofah). The fact that chlorinated water can react with the oil and the particles are deposited on the skin to within. This reaction is perceived by us as intolerant of chlorinated water.

After a thorough cleansing of the skin that does not happen. In the presence of a true allergy to chlorine (when the reaction of the water does not disappear even after a thorough water treatment) need to make an appointment with a specialist.

Workaround: Remember, plaques, hung basin Administration with a request to take a shower with soap and a washcloth before bathing,

do not mean unwillingness to once again change the water in the pool, and protect your health by helping to get rid of provocative factors causing rhinitis and itching.

Allergy to favorite

Pain, burning, swelling of the mucous vagina or cervix after intercourse. What's this? Can be suspected infection (was casual sex),

but how do you explain this reaction, if a permanent partner, and was not changed. Remember, whether you use a condom during their last sexual intercourse. If not, then it may very well be that all of these symptoms

it is nothing more than an allergy to semen. Immunity reaction to a protein found in semen, may be multi-faceted - either localized in the genitals, or capture the whole body, sometimes provoking the emergence and anaphylactic shock.

The danger lies in the fact that the discomfort may occur both during 5 minutes after intercourse and delayed, and last from 20 to 30 minutes to several days. Diagnose such an allergy difficult as primarily a woman comes to a gynecologist or urologist and goes a long way test different diagnoses before it arrives to the allergist.

At the same time, oral contact allergic reactions occur rarely, only in case of accidental skin contact person. It is believed that the gastrointestinal tract neutralizes protein found in semen. Workaround: Use a condom. If the pair is planning to birth, the partners need to be treated as an allergen (sperm) is inserted into a woman's body in small doses, causing desensitization process or decrease the sensitivity. In severe cases, apply artificial insemination.

Allergy to jogging

Sunny morning, oddly enough, not the best time for walking in the big city or jogging in the park. The wind carries pollen, whose concentration increases during the hours after dawn. Particles do not settle on the ground, flying in the air.

Industrial enterprises mark the beginning of a new day of work emissions. As a result, after a morning physical exercise - watery itchy eyes, red nose and headache. Pollen, dust and industrial emissions are very strong allergens. Workaround:

Start the fight against pylenozom (allergy to pollen) in early spring under the supervision of an experienced physician, it will enjoy the beauty of nature in June. Make a habit of summer walks around town or exercise jogging in the park in the dry weather, not admiring the sunrise and sunset.

Allergic to clothes

Often clothing contact with the skin may result in redness, irritation, rash, turning into eczema. The problem may be exacerbated rhinitis or breathing problems. This is a manifestation of allergy to clothing, namely the composition of the tissue,

dyes or substances which are subject to things in the wash. Wool fibers, artificial fibers often provoke an inappropriate response of the body. The most vulnerable places: armpits, groin folds. That is where the friction of clothing with the body is aggravated by the presence of sweat glands.

100% cotton is considered to be the most hypoallergenic material but is used for coloring things formaldehyde compounds are able to activate the wrong action immunity. Workaround: Prefer clothes from natural, not prickly fibers of cotton or silk.

Bought things before putting on, you need to wash and rinse thoroughly to partially neutralize the effect of the dyes. Underwear should be cotton and strictly without synthetic lace. A

void belts at the waist, as the buckles and chemical compounds, which process the skin belts are often potent allergen.

Allergy to own house

Household dust, artfully hiding between the couch cushions, in crevices and cabinets, skin particles pets, mites living in the blankets and pillows, eggs laid by hateful neighbors cockroaches, mold in the bathroom -

all these powerful allergens, able to turn lives in his own apartment in hell. Solution: Get rid of the old feather pillows and blankets, carpets with a complex weave that are difficult to clean. Regularly expose cleaning blankets and pillows -

tiny spider mites love human skin particles, heat and water treatments do not like. Fight with cockroaches. Often arrange their pets bath days, as it was eliminated when bathing dangerous to human health of their skin particles.

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