Case detection strange about the world's first skin

Jun 12th 2014 at 10:42 PM

Doctor Hoang Van Minh affirmed strange skin disease can not be cured but treatment can reduce the development of disease and help patients face more visible.Detecting the disease from symptoms of itching Mark the wind, skin disease Hair and cure ringworm fungus reputation in medicine Baoqing Road 19-11 days

, doctors Hoang Van Minh - Director of Dermatology Clinic Medical University Hospital, HCM, director of the blood center U HCMC University of Medicine - said it had detected an examination and patient Thick skin disease meningococcal

disease bone combined to extremities, hepatitis B first in the world. Academy of Skin Diseases has confirmed U.S. cases of unusual diseases of the skin and the doctor agreed Hoang Van Minh presented at scientific meetings organized by the institute from 21 to 25-3-2014.

Dr. Hoang Van Minh, he CHQ (28 years old, Quang Ngai) prior to the Medical College Hospital City visit several places but have not yet been diagnosed with the disease.

Q. He told about three years ago, in the middle of the forehead and the nose of his two two lines appear uneven, rough as vegetable beds. Thick skin meningococcal disease hypertrophic bone is of primary osteoarthritis, exhibit characteristics characterized clubbing, thick skin and drapery proliferation and periosteal new bone formation.

Cause disease by gene mutations and several other diseases, in some cases problems related to endocrinology , especially to the extremities. If thick skin diseases like meningitis world bone discovered that more than 200 cases of this disease

but also have to coordinate with the disease in the extremities, the world record three cases. But this disease is to coordinate with the extremities and hepatitis B, this is the first case in the world. then this uneven lines on the forehead and a well spread scalp. Q. When examined him

, Dr. Ming see the patients as people aged 50 years old, patients with hyperhidrosis much in him, palms, feet, facial seborrheic increase. These phenomena appeared three years earlier, then slowly wrinkles appear, rugged folds knob. In addition, ten fingers (especially the thumb two), his toes were enlarged as Q. Drumsticks. Suspected patients with endocrine problems, doctors test (CT scan, examination hormone) is detected

in patients with brain tumors (tumor located in the pituitary gland). X-ray results femur, the leg bone was discovered patients with bone lesions, periosteal thickening and new bone formation at the bone. Blood test results showed that patients with hepatitis B virus . Dr. Hoang Van Minh affirmed this disease can not be cured but treatment can reduce the development of disease and help patients face easy see more.

However surgical treatment helps solve only improve the aging patient. With pituitary tumors are small so it would continue to monitor the prescription will cut endoscopic surgery of pituitary tumors. For facial skin, scalp skin to not being washed, the doctor will take the patient's face and hot skin excision and skin grafting was swept up to the flat. Estimated mid-month will 2-2014 surgical patients.

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