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Carbohydrates first reason for abdominal fat in young people

Mar 31st 2014 at 2:15 AM

Man can maintain his fitness, regardless of age or sex or the gene or the nature of the body. Has a human the same ability to build muscle whatever made by the Age. And exercise that contributed in maintaining body fitness in young adulthood also plays a major role in maintaining the strength and vitality with age.

The man must care about these exercises and have a greater incentive to exercise optimally. There are two main types of fat in the waist area. The first is known as visceral fat, which the body stores it under the abdominal muscles and are deposited between the internal organs. This kind of shows the emergence of abdominal fat shall be dependent and tough texture. The other type of fat is deposited under the skin and is stored directly beneath it. This type gives a look flabby belly. Both types are very harmful to health, especially visceral fat. The question that arises here is how it can be for a person to maintain the body and health? The answer lies in a very simple exercise in a group of physical exercise and cardiovascular and strength exercises with a diet low in fat. Choose the index low blood sugar Index blood sugar anabolic cooking review : This index ranges from 1 to 160. The ratio of 70 to 160 is high and the ratio of 56 to 69 medium and the ratio of 55 or less is low. Carbohydrates that belong to the band breaks up high quickly in the body and cause a large and rapid rise in blood glucose levels and this in turn stimulates the pancreas to release large amounts of insulin. The insulin is very necessary for the body and is assisted by the use of glucose and converts it into energy, but at the same time the increase in the proportion of insulin stimulates fat storage in the body. And the carbohydrates in the low range of the index. For More Information

which the body needs for a long time to digest - leading to a slight rise and slow in the levels of blood glucose and insulin. In addition, the carbohydrates that belong to the low range reduce the desire to eat more food because they provide the body with its needs of energy slowly. Most non-starchy vegetables, legumes and fruits are considered rich in carbohydrates, which belong to the index, while the low carbohydrate-rich foods classified refined within the index higher.

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