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Cannabis, a harmless drug?

Jul 13th 2015 at 5:48 AM

One thing but he knows even Pacala: nothing can be good if you harm. And drugs are each one more or less harmful. It is said that cannabis is less harmful than others. It's like you gadi you prefer two hands instead of two clubs. Some say even about marijuana or cannabis that would be worse than tobacco or alcohol. In most countries it is forbidden by law, but the law does not meddle in others. Moreover, countries where drugs are "mild" is allowed and forbidden alcohol. It fits that comes from ancestors: how many huts, many Usually it.Interestingly, few people know how the drug affects human health and the latest news about the existence of drugs "mild" encourages some to try, out of curiosity. Curiosity can cost, as who tried to gain habit risk and bear enough consequences, hardly noticeable at first, according Infoniac.

Here are a few: Memory loss Marijuana does not cause a total loss of memory and any destination. She works insidiously affected person does not realize that starting to look, the more the more recent works very well retain them. Is cleared from memory, especially older ones. After a while, you do not get to still recognize friends and even relatives. The phenomenon is reversible, however, coming under the influence of the drug, the memory returns. Personality Disorders cannabis consumption systematically produce apathy and depersonalization of the individual, depending on the amount consumed and the duration. No pesonalitate disorders are not observed in the first period, but when they were triggered apathy, feel that you are no longer the same as before.

There is no other way out of this trap than detoxification with the help of doctors. Not every drug crime influence customary press to make a connotation insistence between drug use and crime. The problem is complex and, for most drugs is statistically proven, if marijuana (cannabis) are no assumptions according to which the effects consist more in appearance than aggressive apathy. Apaticii are not aggressive. However, in most countries, public opinion on cannabis ranks them as potential criminals. Effects on brain Speciaistii recently found that patients with schizophrenia, depression and epilepsy worsening state of health if regurgitate this drug.

They make specific crises. In terms of healthy people, their brains bear drug, but they induce feelings of fear, panic or paranoia crisis. More serious is the fact that long-term drug intelligence influence, but consumers are not tempted to see only short-term effects. Interactions with other medicines are not known interactions with drugs that treat common internal diseases (liver, gut, renal system), but severe drug works in people who consume sleeping pills, some painkillers, valerian and especially other drugs.

The enemy lungs has been said and is said hemp-based drug is the cause of diseases lung cancer including, but effects of the drug could not be parted from that of tobacco, given that both are inhaled by the smoker same. As things stand, it is even possible adverse effect of tobacco to be much tougher than the drug. That, in terms lungs.Addiction Addiction is one of the inevitable consequences of any drug.

Experts estimate that, however, if cannabis learned wean finds it easier than other drugs, according . More serious is the case when addicts gradually increase their dosage, and the higher daily dose is higher, the unlearned will be unbearable. drug storage in adipose tissue Adipose tissue is the body that stores the best retained the drug substance .

There she remains for a long time, preventing slimming effect weight loss and can lead to obesity . This is bad news. The good news is that this substance, though it remains stored in fat tissue, there remains inactive without affecting areas of the body.

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