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By Matt Traverso-Top 10 Tips

Jul 11th 2014 at 12:07 AM

1. Eating healthy foods in healthy portions.

It is important to pay attention to both the quality and quantity of food. Eating a lot of food that has a lot of volume, but that is low in calories. The base of the Healthy Weight Pyramid Mayo Clinic are vegetables and fruits, of which you can eat all you want.

The pyramid encourages eating whole grain carbohydrates, lean protein sources such as legumes and fish, and unsaturated, heart-healthy fats

Two. Increasing physical activity.

The method promotes physical activity and exercise as well as healthy eating.

When active, the body uses energy (calories) to work and helps burn calories ingested. If the person has remained inactive or has been a particular medical condition, consult your physician before starting a physical activity program.


Most people can start with sessions 5-10 minutes of activity and go gradually increasing the time.

Three. Eating more fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits should be about half of the daily intake, while carbohydrates should represent a room. The rest is generally for proteins and dairy consumption. These ratios help ensure that the person is eating healthy. For someone aiming to eat about 1,200 calories a day, ideally try to eat four or more servings of vegetables, three or more servings of fruits, four servings of carbohydrates, protein and three servings of dairy products, and three servings of fat.

Many Many Sources

4. Maintain a single serving size.

The portion size is an important factor determining how many calories a person ingests, which in turn influence the weight. Instead of measuring all you can eat a lot of rice the size of a tennis ball, for example. Fruits and vegetables, however, can be consumed as long as desired, which helps to make sustainable and enjoyable diet.

5. Annotate all.

This can be an excellent weight loss tool. The Mayo Clinic recommends that dieters keep a diary or notebook everything they eat. This practice allows us accountable for what we eat.


6. Breaking bad habits with five and five good start.

New behaviors take time to be adopted. For every bad habit to stop, like turning off the TV while eating, you are creating a new and good conduct: for example, breakfast each morning thinking about your positive goals.

7. Know the waist measurement.

Knowing the waist size is a practical measure to monitor the amount of fat around the abdomen. It has been shown that more than 102 cm in men and 88 in women circumference, may increase the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, especially in those in which the Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 25 and 35.It is important to consult a nutritionist to recommend how to improve your diet and your doctor to tell you what the appropriate exercises you can do at least 30 minutes a day are.

8. Deprived not.

You can even eat sweets in small portions. What is important is that a balanced diet should include at least five cups of fruits and vegetables every day. The carbohydrates that are consumed must be complex as oatmeal and whole grains. Protein sources should be free of fat, especially vegetable proteins like beans, soybeans, lentils and other grains. These foods not only contain protein, fiber are also needed for our heart.

9. Do it for your heart too.

It has been found that a low-sodium diet can help control hypertension and prevent other cardiovascular problems.

If a person is already taking medication to control hypertension or diuretics for fluid retention, it is especially important to limit salt intake.

Foods with more sodium are processed, canned and microwavable food.

10. Taking your time.

In the long run may be detrimental lose weight too quickly. Usually people lose weight a little faster when they start dieting.

The amount of the initial weight loss phase of the diet Lose Mayo Clinic provides the impetus that most people need to continue on the road to a healthy weight.

"It is a big problem, because it can be clinically very effective to make people lose much weight in a short time, but the weight comes back", says researcher.

But so far, this Simulator, difficult to manage, is above all intended for health professionals in order to "help them understand the reason why a person lose weight faster or more slowly than others when they undergo the same diet and have the same level of physical activity," explained Kevin Hall. “This Simulator can be used to develop personalized weight loss programs," he added.

The prevalence of obesity is has almost doubled in nearly 30 years in the world, affecting 500 million adults - more to women than to men,

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