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Boost your memory with Aniracetam

Jun 6th 2015 at 12:17 AM

Are you a student and your parents and teachers have high expectations from you? Do you study constantly with dedication but still cannot remember much? Then your search is over as there is one supplement which not only boosts memory but also increases brain functioning. Its name is Aniracetam and the supplement is a combination of various other supplements which release two of the best neurotransmitters, that is, Acetylcholine and Glutamate. These two chemicals are the best and they help in increasing brain activity.


Other than increasing brain activity, the chemicals also strengthen brain by quickening its impulses, connectivity and cognitive processes. It improves mental alertness and reaction time. It also enhances the signal strength and regulation of our body. It speeds up the learning process and makes our mind sharp. It improves memory by opening nerve blockages and increasing oxygen and blood content. Glutamate also curbs anxiety by giving rest to nerve cells thereby energizing them. Aniracetam should be used with a choline supplement for better and effective results. Glutamate produced by the supplement also repairs the synapses and improves its functionalities by controlling mood swings, anxiety, nervousness and mental fatigue.


Aniracetam is mainly taken along with Choline and can be stacked according to body's requirements. Choline complements the supplement and prevents its negative side effects like headaches etc. Choline also synthesizes to Acetylcholine for excess brain functioning. Choline increases the effect of Aniracetam on nerve cells thereby enhancing the reaction and results. It also has a nootropic effect which gives exceptionally good memory and cognitive power. It can either be taken individually or with other supplements like Pramiracetam, Piracetam or Oxiracetam for positive results.


Aniracetam is a mild yet powerful supplement which if not taken in an adequate ratio can lead to heavy headaches. Choline along with the supplement needs to be taken responsibly without any greed or lust for quick results. The Choline supplement equalizes and normalizes the effect of Acetylcholine and makes it suitable for the brain to accept. The adequate ratio that is preferred by fitness gurus is four is to one, four being Aniracetam and one being Choline. In a standard dose of 1 gram of the supplement, there is 250 mg of Acetylcholine. Initially one should start with this dose and gradually increase to 2 grams, that is, 500 mg of Acetylcholine a day and not more. It is a sufficient dose and going higher than this can have negative results as well as side effects.

A supplement or a steroid should be taken under check and adequately. It should not be taken in greed of quick results as the side effects may be irreversible. One should not completely depend upon these because as the name suggests, they are merely supplements. A proper diet should be followed along with lots of water. To prevent any storage and and its relative effects, water should push the non- utilized content out of our system. The healthy we stay, the better and longer we'll live. Aniracetam should be used with a choline supplement for some excellent results.

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