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Big Arms are not Enough if you Want Truly Awesome Arms

Feb 21st 2012 at 11:25 PM

The problem with this one-dimensional training is that it produces unbalanced arm development - namely, all biceps and triceps no. Experienced and competitive bodybuilders know too well the disadvantages of an unbalanced physique. When a bodybuilder steps on stage, he or she knows that a lagging body part can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Even if you are not a competitive bodybuilder, unbalanced muscular development will detract from your appearance and overall strength.

To avoid these problems, and build truly awesome arms, you need to train your biceps, triceps and forearms with equal energy and consistency. Only balanced workouts can produce muscular development appropriate to maximize your arms' symmetry and performance.

Exceptional physical performance

The third and final element of the arm is good even more extraordinary physical strength. Your arms are at least a secondary source of power in all of your upper body exercises. You probably know that bench and military presses primarily work your chest and shoulders. But these exercises require substantial assistance from your triceps. Back-building movements such as T-bar rows, barbell rows and pull ups demand help from your biceps and forearms. Even heavy deadlifts require superior gripping power in your hands, which in turn must come from strong forearms. For most practicality of building powerful arms is increased strength in all pushing and pulling movements.

You have probably heard the saying "you get what you pay for." Well, if you do not progressively overload your arms during your workout you will not stimulate the growth necessary to make them more. Muscle growth and the resulting increase in physical power occur through a biological process called hypertrophy.

Put simply, hypertrophy is the enlargement of muscle fibers, resulting from increased employment. As applied to the arm exercise, there is this increased work of various biceps, triceps and forearm exercises with proper technique and progressively heavier weight. As you slowly lift more weight, force you to develop your arms and to exert more physical power

Visual impact  building muscle

This congestion causes the breakdown and re-production of proteins and other substances necessary for muscle growth. For example, if you are as strict sets of heavy preacher curls for biceps, your body is certain enzymatic proteins and other energy sources, reduce to complete this exercise. When you have completed your training, your body will try to fill these energies again. It is during this recovery period that muscle growth actually occurs.

Visual Impact Muscle Building. And if you wonder how much power is enough, then the answer is as much as you can develop naturally. As with love or money, you can never be too much physical force. And since your whole arm strength also increases your muscle symmetry and assuming that you always make sure to use proper training technique. With targeted training to increase muscle definition, symmetry and exceptional physical strength, you build will have to be well on your way to a pair of arm really awesome!

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