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Beware of hemorrhoids after childbirth

Aug 10th 2014 at 10:39 PM

Anal bleeding after birth is still the expression of many hemorrhoid - a common disease in women after pregnancy and childbirth.These habits easily cause hemorrhoids in women Cure Hemorrhoids covered by leaves on top Hemorrhoids make you miserable office Childbirth is done, many women anal bleeding when defecating,

but most are subjective and sisters for constipation that is just normal. Sinh half years anus is bleeding after giving birth to her first daughter , her 30-year-old Van Ho Chi Minh City often anal bleeding when defecating.

Van She said that since her pregnancy or constipation last few days the toilet 1 times very difficult defecation, she often struggled to push. However, she does not have time anal bleeding after childbirth but many times you see blood when going to the toilet.

Even once she also discovered blood dripping defecation, anal area very uncomfortable itching after urination. She said that it was simply constipated patients should just change the appropriate diet, easily digested to solve the problem.

However, although eating more vegetables is not the situation is much improved constipation is improved but her anus still feeling pain, sometimes irritating, the touch has a smaller volume sticking meat place. Now a new sister to the hospital, doctors concluded her hemorrhoids. Likewise, Ms.

Lan Anh Ba Dinh, Hanoi anal trouble after having a baby. For her, each defecation were like torture. Anal irritation, bleeding and feeling a little meat blocks protruding from the anus, bowel finished itching around the anal area very uncomfortable. Many times while urinating panic she discovered a drop of blood. Increasingly more women clearly felt little meat rectal mass protruding, indented when urinating.

Some time later, cubic convex meat to long and is always outside the anus painful friction with clothing. Call her best friend to consult a doctor,

she was identified as hemorrhoids. However, going to the toilet every day you see a lot of blood so incredibly nervous. Finally she had to go to hospital for careful examination, doctors confirmed she was hemorrhoids exchange.

Beware of hemorrhoids after birth 1
Anal bleeding after birth is still the expression of many hemorrhoid - a common disease in women after pregnancy and childbirth. Artwork

Beware expression of anal bleeding hemorrhoids

is hemorrhoid disease common in women, especially pregnant women and childbirth. According to Associate Professor - Dr. Nguyen Manh Nham, chairman post Vietnam, colorectal disease hemorrhoids is headed in anal pathology.

Although the cause is not clearly established, but there are many factors to be considered in order to create favorable conditions hemorrhoid formation and development. Especially for women after birth, usually after birth you will be abstain from such things often have to lie, sit, move less, athletes, eat less vegetables, drink less,

... so hemorrhoids are momentum penetration and development. Meanwhile, there are many cases of women from pregnancy hemorrhoids fetus by inserting a rectal pressure. During the birth, the pushing improperly increased pressure on the abdomen, causing tufts hemorrhoids easily laid out. Postnatal health care and making improper than disease progression. Patients can detect bleeding after defecation.

Each time the bowel, patients with hemorrhoids often push more blood to flow into small droplets or each ray. Accompanied by bleeding, there will be a small block of flesh protruding from anus and meat indented block after defecation is finished. Severe disease progresses patients can feel the bulge, clearly indented. After some time, the meat will be convex to the volume, longer, and is always on the outside of the anus.

This condition is called sa bundle of hemorrhoids. Bui prolapsed out, secretion of inflammatory skin anal area. If the patient feels pain, when it was hemorrhoids or blockage due to straining cracked had anal abscess

. So, every time you urinate, the patient had a perianal itching. rectal bleeding is the first manifestation in patients with the most visible hemorrhoids. However, patients also need to be vigilant because of bleeding during

urination is also a manifestation of some diseases such as colorectal cancer , pelvic tumors. Hemorrhoids if so long will affect routine days. The treatment depends on the extent of the disease. Patients may use oral or topical drugs to repel infection.

Therefore, the detection of an abnormality, you should immediately go to the health department to determine the true professional and timely handling patients.

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