Beware of gynecological inflammation in young women

Jun 11th 2014 at 10:20 PM

People tend to enjoy only those who have a new sexual relationship infected vaginas as gynecological inflammation.

This is completely wrong.The infection gets worse if misused vaginal medicines Vaginal several warnings in 4 risk of infection "private parts" Toilet paper and the "culprit" causing vaginal infection
In fact, many girls in puberty right to hospital treatment due to genital infections.

Ease of recurrence can not be placed due to drugs

Genital infections account for 70-80% rate in the pathology and gynecology . Gynecological inflammation in puberty are growing. Dr. (BS) Hoang Thi Diem Tuyet, deputy director of Tu Du Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City each treatment no less enclosed areas for girls aged 12-13.

The girls often do not know how tight the toilet. In addition, attendance at school all day as well as those factors difficult to maintain good hygiene

. The baby has no routine notification with the most unusual, until I could not stand it any disease was too severe. Many people confuse that at puberty, when there is no sex there can be no intrusion of germs and infection risk is difficult. This is completely wrong.

Area vagina, vulva often invading germs from the skin, gastrointestinal tract (near the anus). Therefore, these areas are prone to infection if not know how to keep sanitary.

The girls wear tight clothes, sweat more, susceptible to vaginal yeast infections, vaginal because the moist environment, creating favorable conditions for fungal development. These girls are infected with worms, pinworms, especially if not treated very susceptible to vaginal infection.

Few girls self-examination or consultation mom or sister, most of them just wash with water, some soap to wash your private parts, some of the deep self vaginal douching when not indicated physician. This is the reason why the number of young puberty vulvar disease increases.

Genital tract inflammation but no direct harm to human lives but disrupt personal life. Vaginitis in puberty and difficult to treat recurrent, because children can not use other types of vaginal medicines for fear of damage to the hymen.

Beware of gynecological inflammation in young women 1
Drug resistance due to voluntary treatment

Dr. Diem Tuyet said, many patients have self-medication when vulvar itching, discharge foul by ashamed to tell their parents, afraid of going to the hospital.

"The self-medication can cause drug resistance and difficulty BS diagnosis. If you have a vaginal infection that abuse of anti-inflammatory drugs are not given the BS, can do worse, "recommends Dr. Snow.

To prevent vulvar infection in girls in puberty, BS Snow advised to bathe frequently (especially during the menstrual period), daily vaginal hygiene.

In particular, the child must always keep dry and closed area: dry paper towel after each bathing, using the toilet.   

Note, do not use the towel, put foreign objects in order to clean the vagina, vulva. Avoid wearing tight underwear be replaced regularly. Using a tampon the right way lessens the risk of vulvar inflammation. Specifically, sanitary pads to ensure clean, fully waterproof and change it after four hours of use.

The baby should not use soap or harsh detergents, antimicrobial substances for cleaning tight areas. When pustules, folliculitis enclosed areas, and should seek medical treatment, do not arbitrarily broken pustules. In addition, oral deworming medication . When signs of genital irritation, swelling or painful urination .

she needs to tell the parents to be taken to the doctor immediately. If so severe, treatment is difficult, serious impact on the health, unpredictable consequences.

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