Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea Powder

Jun 24th 2015 at 10:30 PM

If you take a survey of hot beverage drinkers in the world, then you will quickly understand that the matcha green tea powders are the new trend in town. It is not without reason that the powder form of green tea is gaining momentum in usage. There are many other reasons to it, and it has many obvious advantages over other forms of tea. Below are listed some advantages of matcha green tea powder, which are probably the reason why the new form of tea drinking is catching up real fast among enthusiasts.

1. They are known to enhance the metabolic processes in our body. Matcha green tea powders contain many minerals and vitamins that are directly responsible for the increased metabolic activities inside our bodies.

2. Matcha green tea powders are a rich source of Vitamin C, the most important of all vitamins. Vitamin C is vital because it helps in other vitamins being processed or other minerals being absorbed by our body.

3. People who have drunk matcha green tea powders have reported that this form of tea helps keep drowsiness at bay for a lengthened period of time.

4. Matcha green tea powder helps in preventing disease of many kinds.

5. Because the whole of the leaf is consumed there is no loss of any natural tea extract in matcha green.

6. Because of the extra chlorophyll that is presented in matcha green (the reason for it is shaded growth) this form of tea s more effective to keep focus. Scientists also argue that matcha green has higher level of theanine.

7. Matcha green has antioxidants which are beneficial to health in a number of ways.

8. It helps in blood pressure regulation, blood sugar regulation and a number of other diseases. It is also argued that prolonged usage of matcha green helps in reducing harmful diseases like cancer and liver anomalies.

The use of matcha green is not new. It has roots in the ancient Zen monasteries of Japan. But the usage of them on a large scale caught up very recently. There are many things that make matcha green tea the most sought after drink in the tea world. The method of their cultivation is a bit different to other forms of matcha green cultivation. Moreover the fact that the entire leaf is consumed also makes it special in the sense that there is no loss of key tea leaf materials. It is the tea form that was used by ancient meditating people in the monasteries, hence the importance of it in keeping mental focus or helping one keep a piece of mind cannot be argued. Matcha Green Tea Powders are the thing for the coming century in tea drinking.

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