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Bamboo shoots - a rare taste of food

Aug 4th 2014 at 3:27 AM

South of fresh bamboo shoots tend shad, rotten cook spring early March. " With the arrival of spring shoots food on the table and everyone also increased noticeably. Fresh bamboo shoots light and refreshing, both adults and children love to eat.

Li Shang-yin poem reads: "shoots Hong Cang beginning of the forest, in the hills Lunjia heavy as gold Royal land and sea to be numerous, and forbearance Jian Lingyun inch heart.", Su was wrote when banished yellow states: "Yangtze River around the profile of known fish beauty, Hill shoots more fragrant taste good. "

"color jade bamboo version owl, raccoon oxtail microphone arrived hump" in the Song Dynasty a monk Zanning also wrote a monograph eating bamboo "bamboo spectrum." Legend of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi loved every spring will eat bamboo shoots bamboo shoots Jiangnan.
Ancient bamboo shoots called bud, "Yu Gong"

mentioned "Jue package tangelo" in the 'package', ie shoots. By inference, China's Xia Dynasty to shoot on behalf of food, in order to shoot Rugong Ding. "Poetry Han Yi" in the "dimension of its Su Ho? Dimensional shoots and Po," the poem, which tells us that in the Zhou Dynasty, people have to shoot, shoot as Po Lay the meat dish.
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Bamboo shoots - a rare taste of food and weight-loss medicine Gao
Bamboo variety, according to the season points, there are bamboo shoots, autumn shoots, bamboo shoots; press V-shaped points, a pen bamboo

stick, whip shoots, asparagus shoots, bamboo horns; press texture points, there are fresh bamboo shoots, dried bamboo shoots; divided by origin Yes, Maoshan bamboo shoots. Many varieties of bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots to the most expensive.

Bamboo shoots is a nutrient rich natural foods . Per 100 grams of edible portion, to 19 kcal Ling, egg quality mortar 0.2 g carbohydrates 3.6 g, Ye Jun 2.9 micrograms, 1.8 grams of dietary fiber, vitamin B 1 0.09t mg, vitamin B2 0.08 mg.

Vitamin c 6 milligrams, Cone Health Kyu E0.05 milligrams, 9 mg calcium, phosphorus 64 mg, 389 mg of potassium, 0.4 milligrams of sodium

, magnesium, iron 0.5 milligrams 1 milligrams, 0.33 milligrams confused, 0.04 micrograms of selenium, 0.09 mg of copper, manganese and 1.14 milligrams.

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